A Review Of Oncotarget’s Publication Ethics And Malpractice Statements

Oncotarget adheres to the code of conduct for journal publishers and code of conduct and best practice guidelines for Journal Editors. To this end, the publishing firm ensures that editors, reviewers and authors follow guidelines on ethical behavior. Primarily, Oncotarget publishes research papers that zero in on cancer research and oncology.

Editors are required to evaluate their manuscripts based on scientific merit, including data quality, scientific community, presentation, technical merits, novelty and provision of conclusions that are data based. The Editors-in-Chief have complete authority over the editorial content and publication timings of the same in the journal. Editorial staff and editors are prohibited from disclosing any information regarding a submitted manuscript. Informed authors, members of the editorial board, and potential reviewers have the authority to release such information.

In addition, Oncotarget ensures that no editor can use unpublished information for his or her own purposes. This information should remain confidential. Moreover, editors are required to evaluate manuscripts that do not have implied or express conflicts of interest. This conflict can arise from competitive collaboration or any relationship with authors, institution or companies having a connection with the papers. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Oncotarget ensures that editors accept manuscripts that have been peer-reviewed by two or more reviewers. These individuals should be experts in such fields. The decisions of the Editor-in-chief are anchored on the comments made by editors and reviewers.

Oncotarget posits that they undertake to investigate each unethical publishing behavior. Even if the behavior is discovered after publication, the corporation asserts that they follow COPE recommendations. In case of a simple misconduct or error, Oncotarget will correct, retract or publish a note on the journal.

At Oncotarget, peer-review is obligatory as it assists editors to make recommendations and advice authors on how to enhance their manuscripts. If invited reviewers feel that they are unqualified, they are free to notify the editors about their inability to review the manuscripts. Reviewers should be objective, as personal criticism is not welcomed. Comments made during the review should aim to help authors to augment their manuscripts, but not demoralize them from publishing. Reviewers are encouraged to disclose any conflict of interest to the editors. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

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