Everything You Need to Know About Betsy DeVos

Very rarely will you find a married who is known for her work and not for being the wife of a famous or influential person, but Betsy DeVos is that woman who many wish they have what she has. She is employed by Trump’s Government as the secretary of Education. Other than being in politics, she is a philanthropists and a successful businesswoman.

Elisabeth Prince, who has since changed her name to Betsy DeVos since her marriage to Dick DeVos, was born in Holland, Michigan, where she also grew up. Her father is the founder of Prince Corporation, which is based in Holland. Betsy enjoyed a great childhood, having come from a rich family. However, this only shaped her destiny. Everything else that had to be done to get to where she is today, she had to do it herself.

From an early age Betsy was really interested in Politics. As a student in Calvin College, Grand Rapids, she was heavily invested in the politics of the school. This shaped her political career in a very big way. After graduating from the college with an undergraduate degree in Arts, Betsy DeVos did not give up on her passion in politics.

In the year 1982, she started getting active in the Republican Party, Michigan. Four years down the line, she was voted as the local precinct, to serve on a two-year term. Since then, she was re-elected again and again, for 15 more times. She has served in the Republican Party for many years, assuming a number of roles.

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For five years, from the year 1992, she was the committee woman for the Republican National, Michigan. Again, in the year 1996, she was appointed to serve as the Cahirperson of the Republican Party, Michigan. She sat in this position until the year 2000.

Other than being successful in politics, DeVos has also been a success in business. She co-founded the Windquest Group in the year 1989. Since then, she has served as a chairperson of the company. Windquest is a company that is committed to manufacturing and supplying clean energy.

Other than politics and politics, Betsy DeVos has always been committed to Christianity. She was raised in a Christian background and even attended the Holland Christian High School. In her adult life, she continues to be a big enthusiast for Christianity. You will find her serving at Mars Hill Bible Church, where she is an elder.

Being highly-religious, she finds joy in sharing what she has amassed, with the undeserved. Together with her husband, they founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos which donates towards various charitable projects including scholarships.

Visit: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/

Soros, Open Societies Foundation Looking To Change Drug Laws

I love what the Open Societies Foundation is doing about drug policy. The way this country and others handles the problem of drugs is incredibly wrong. The Open Societies Foundation fights against draconian drug laws wherever they exist. In fact, one of the organizations under the OPS umbrella is currently in Indonesia fighting the backward drug laws there. And they are doing it on behalf of women, which is really cool.

Let’s just analyze the drug laws in the United States for a second. We are one of the few countries left in the Western world that still criminalizes trivial drugs like marijuana. The criminalization of drugs has led the United States to become the largest incarcerated or on planet earth. Yes, you heard that right. The United States jails a higher percentage of its population than countries like China and Iran. It has even moved to the United Nations in calling for a human rights investigation into practices of the United States criminal justice system. We jail so many people that countries like Iran are worried about our citizens. Much of this has to do with our backward drug policy. Read more on BigThink about George Soros.

We don’t have to look very far to see how a progressive drug policy actually helps citizens. The country of Portugal has recently legalized every single drug. Yes, you read that right as well. Portugal has legalized every drug imaginable and their country is now doing better. More people are seeking help for their drug problems and nobody is getting thrown into jail for personal use.

That’s really the problem here. Personal use drugs should not be criminalized. Anybody using a schedule one drug, minus marijuana, should be put into a treatment program sanctioned by the state rather than being thrown into jail. After all, addiction is a disease that can be treated for the betterment of our society.  This, of course, leads to more jail time.

It is surprising to me to learn that George Soros started the Open Society Foundation. It’s really cool to see the evolution of this nonprofit organization. It started in 1979 as a way to help citizens of communist countries transition to democratic life. Now the nonprofit organization is more of an umbrella for multiple nonprofit organizations across the planet. Currently, the OPS operate in more than 100 countries.

George Soros himself survived the Holocaust as a teenager in his hometown of Budapest, Hungary. He was a refugee to London before becoming an immigrant to the United States. Perhaps this is where he gained all of his benevolence.

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