Kim Dao’s Airbnb Adventures in Tokoyo

This video starts out with Kim Dao in her airbnb. It is her final day there and she is about to check out. She explains that she meant to do a tour of it when she first got there, but she was more focused on getting footage for her other channel. She apologizes for the neglect. She is about to do a tour of the airbnb since she has about 20 minutes left. She really liked staying there. It was a lot of space and very comfortable. It was also close by the train station. She was happy with the videos she recorded there also.Learn more :


Upon entering, there is a place for your shoes and extra storage space. There is an extra room with 2 comfortable spare beds. She shows the bathroom and also the wash area outside of the bathroom. She enjoyed the space for the wash area because it was perfect for filming videos. There is another area with a dining table and a bed next to a window. Kim Dao says that was one of the reasons she chose the airbnb ( She shows a full length mirror which prompts her to do a quick outfit of the day. She shows the kitchen. The airbnb offers a pocket WIFI. She shows the decor in the living area. Kim Dao drinks her coffee and talk about a few things. She checks out and grabs some lunch. Later, she has dinner and gets some ice cream.

Learn more :

Kim Dao’s Video here.


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