Karl Heideck’s Thoughts on Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law

Advocates for workers’ rights finally got something to smile about after Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new law. The law prohibits private sector employers from demanding to know the full details regarding an applicant’s salary histories. Nonetheless, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia (CCGP) challenged the new law. The agency based its argument on the grounds that the new policy is unconstitutional.

Karl Heideck, a celebrated litigation attorney, has his insights regarding the new policy. He believes the policy helps in bridging the wage differences between men and women working in the private sector. He is also certain that companies with subsidiaries in Philadelphia are likely to be the most affected since the legal statute applies to the entire US State.

The judiciary’s response

Enterprises that are found guilty of violating the provisions of the rule are liable to a fine of $2,000. Heideck thinks that the rule’s future is quite questionable since a lot of criticisms have met it. Comcast Communications and the Chamber of Commerce are among the institutions that challenged the new law. Despite the injunctions filed in the Eastern District of Philadelphia court, the judiciary ruled in favor of the legal statute. This because the petitioners failed to provide enough evidence on its impacts.

Karl Heideck is among the attorneys who think that the judiciary’s response was fair. Heideck is certain that the Chamber of Commerce failed to name the specific enterprises that would negatively be affected by the rule. He is also uncertain whether the rule might face obstacles in future judging by the criticism it received.http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/13/karl-heideck-analyzes-why-judge-wont-halt-philadelphias-new-salary-history-law/

Heideck’s advise to employers

As a way of adapting to the rule, Heideck advises enterprises based in Philadelphia to reassess their onboarding policies and hiring practices. This is because the new workers’ rights policy is aimed at advocating for equitable pay in companies.

About Karl Heideck

Besides giving commentary on modern legal frameworks, Karl Heideck also practices law in the greater Philadelphia area. His legal expertise lies in compliance and risk management matters. Heideck got his law degree from Temple University’s renowned James E. Beasley School of Law.

For the past ten years, Karl Heideck’s career has been centered on practicing law on behalf of privately-owned companies and citizens. He prefers to engage his clients in conversations to determine the bases of their cases before giving legal advice. He believes that this strategy not only enables him to understand a case but also allows him to figure out solutions for solving the case.https://www.lawdeeda.com/profile/pennsylvania/philadelphia/19102/karl-heideck


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