Could Fabletics’ Crowdsourcing Be The Way To Beat Amazon In Fashion?

There is no single answer to give to companies looking to adapt to the technology revolution and how it’s impacting brick and mortar retailers, and how they can compete with Amazon. Amazon likely will be around for many generations to come, but one way companies can start is to do research on how millennials shop, and part of that is looking at reviews. Fabletics, a fashion company that’s growing and showing Amazon they can keep going up in the fashion industry is using the power of reviews as just such a tool. Reviews really are your best marketing and public relations outlet because customers don’t necessarily take the word of TV and radio commercials anymore; they want to know “what do people just like me say about this product?” Fabletics has many reviews on their website about not only their products but their customer service, and their leaders say that that’s been a huge part of why they’ve experienced growth in an Amazon-dominated domain.


Fabletics is owned in part by celebrity Kate Hudson and specifically sells athletic wear mostly for women, but they do have some outfits for men too. Hudson came into this business because she was approached by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the CEOs of JustFab which has now been incorporated into Techstyle Fashion Group. Hudson had only done acting and may not have seemed like the businesswoman type, but Goldenberg and Ressler knew she adhered to a healthy lifestyle, and they also loved her personality and belief that everything should be authentic. When Hudson instantly said yes, they knew the company could succeed because she believed in it, and they were right.


Kate Hudson has not only made Fabletics thrive because she’s often at the company headquarters testing designs and helping get out marketing campaigns, but she’s also an active user of the brand. If you frequented the parks she visits, or the gym she works out in, the outfit she’s wearing is probably a Fabletics outfit. But Hudson is also active in the technology side of things. Thanks to being a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, Fabletics can be run independently yet still have access to the technology infrastructure provided by Techstyle including big data and the online membership system. Hudson has pushed for better customer communication over the years and has made signing up much more straightforward. To signup as a Fabletics customer, all you have to do is fill in your information and take the lifestyle quiz at

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