Robert Ivy Is Elevated To Executive VP/CEO Of American Institute Of Architects

     In 2010, the American Institute of Architects proudly announced the appointment of Robert Ivy as its Executive Vice President and CEO. What made the AIA, a prestigious organization of architects in the United States chose Ivy as their leader? Actually, the board members of the organization voted unanimously for Ivy to be promoted to this post. He occupied his seat in this organization on Feb. 1, 2011.

In this position, Ivy took over the management of the AIA’s Washington, D.C. office. He is responsible for its 206 employees and the disbursement of its annual budget of $56 million. His marching orders include providing the organizational direction on practice issues and design within the AIA. Other duties that Robert Ivy is charged with are to work in partnership with the more than 300 chapters of the institute in the United States and abroad in support of its members, and to enhance AIA’s voice so that the institute can show the importance of design to the general public and to increases awareness of the public regarding architects and their profession.

A Fellow of the AIA and 2011 President Clark Manus said that he is thrilled for the chance to work with Robert. Manus added that it is a pivotal time for the institute as well as the industry. He then referred to the economic challenges that the country is facing and said that they must be responsive and vigilant to the opportunities that are coming up. The AIA president also mentioned that their members are looking to the institute to concentrate its resources and efforts while they are facilitating growth.

Aside from his profession, Robert Ivy is also active in print media. This will be an effective tool for him in promoting the goals of the AIA. Since 1996, Ivy is guiding the editorial policies of Architectural Record, being its Editor in Chief. He is also active in the McGraw-Hill Construction publication being its Vice President and Editorial Director. In McGraw Hill, Ivy is charged with the efficient running of its big editorial organization and sees to it that the high quality of the family publication is always maintained.

Before being appointed to his current position at AIA, Robert Ivy has made notable contributions to the architectural profession and was dutifully rewarded for them. The American Business Media gave him the Crane Award in 2009 for his exemplary efforts in promoting quality business media. One year later, he was given the distinction of being a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi, an architectural community, for his efforts in disseminating the value of design to the next generation. Ivy earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Tennessee, at the University of the South. He went to Tulane University in Louisiana to get his Master’s in Architecture. He became an FAIA in 1993.


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