Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart – Music’s Biggest Duo

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart know exactly how cut throat the music industry is. As The Chainsmokers, they have multiple number one hits under their belt, and have the right to claim that they are successful in the music industry. The Chainsmokers have innovated their sound and tweaked their shows along the way, maintaining momentum and gaining new fans every day.

One of their biggest songs of all time, “Closer,” was released in 2016 to critical praise. This song was very different from past efforts; Andrew Taggart stepped out from behind the production keyboard for the first time ever and provided the vocals for a Chainsmokers song.

You see, The Chainsmokers are a production duo, typically relying on guest artists to provide the vocals to their music. After realizing how awkward their live show is, having the guest vocalist emanating from a speaker box, they made the decision to put Andrew Taggart behind the microphone. This not only improves the live show, but it also provides The Chainsmokers with a front-man to become the poster boy of the band. With Andrew Taggart on vocals The Chainsmokers are much better off.

Shortly after the release of their song, The Chainsmokers stopped by Interview Magazine to answer questions and clear the air.

One of the first topics the interviewer approached Alex Pall with was the question of how the duo met. Alex explained to the interviewer that his manager introduced him to Taggart. Taggart was still attending college, but he drove straight from Maine to New York City to meet his future business partner.

Taggart was sure to be glad he made that long drive. Just a few months after they met, The Chainsmokers became an international sensation, blasting from the cars of teenagers and young adults alike.

The Chainsmokers know exactly who listen to their music thanks to Instagram. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are able to speak with and interact with fans in ways that artists of the past were not able to. Pall even said that he has discovered fans in countries like South Africa. The popularity of The Chainsmokers have transcended borders; The Chainsmokers have actually taken the entire world by storm.

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