Guilherme Paulus Exudes Entrepreneurial Excellence

     Brazilian Tourism magnate Guilherme Paulus has been honored time and time again for his unique and stellar contributions to Brazil’s hospitality industry.

Mr. Paulus has created a hospitality empire that is mainly centered around four hotels. The first and best-known is Wish, a five-star resort that showcases the very finest in splendor and activities. Then, there is the Prodigy, a four star resort located in Santos Dumont. He also owns a three-star hotel called lynx. From these three businesses alone, one can see a small example of Guilherme Paulus’ business savvy. Instead of focusing on the most prestigious resorts, he has chosen to create options for all income levels. This is, of course, a very smart business strategy because it covers all the bases.

Last but not least, Guilherme Paulus owns the Saint Andrews premium line hotel. This exclusive resort is located in Gramado, and is easily one of the best hotels in Latin America. With its positive reviews normally staying in to 90%+ range, one can see that customer satisfaction is the key to its success. Most people say that it is a friendly, welcoming place in which the staff and management go out of their way to create a unique and pleasant experience.

All these businesses and more have been consolidated under one company known as GJP group. This group is headed by Guilherme Paulus and is one of the nation’s premier hotel companies. With 20 hotels in 11 different states, they have set the standard for high grade hospitality in Brazil. This is reflected in the fact that Money Magazine recently awarded Guilherme Paulus with its coveted Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the field of Services.

So how big is the GJP group? Well, to give you an idea of it….they employ about one thousand nine hundred people overall, and it is estimated that over 92,000 guests have passed through the doors of at least one of these luxury hotels. When asked about the substantial growth and success of his company, Mr. Paulus attributed it to a genuine desire to do things in the right way. To be more specific, he says that the hospitality business is merely the art of serving customers well, and that there is no substitute for this. He further states that he had and continues to have a real desire to create jobs and help Brazil’s economy to grow and improve.

With such a long list of achievements under his belt, it is no wonder that this man is respected even in distant countries where he has never done business.

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