Month: September 2021

Desiree Perez Named CEO While Accepting Billboard Awards

Desiree Perez is proud to have been nominated for the Billboard Awards in 2019. Perez was nominated for being an Executive of the Year who influenced the future of entertainment. Perez is a fearless leader who stands up for what she believes in and is willing to do what it takes to succeed. Others can […]

Sudhir Choudhrie Explores the Benefits of Being Organized in Business

Being organized might be seen as an operational procedure that every other organization in the market is already following. However, it is unfortunate to indicate that only a few entities in the entire industry today have consistently proven that they have a detailed understanding of the necessary issues associated with a professional organization in the […]

Fortress Investment Group Has Made an Offer on a Large Grocery Chain in the United Kingdom

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned asset management firm that is headquartered in New York. The firm has the backing of Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. The history of the firm is a storied one with many notable milestones. One of the recent milestones at Fortress Investment Group has been the announcement that the firm has […]

The Hauser Insurance Firm

Hauser Insurance Group offers protection systems, hazards to the executives, and customer benefits in various kinds of business. It was established in 1971 in Cincinnati, and its base camp is situated there. Hauser Insurance provides an outline of Trustee Obligation protection for exchanges directed in various organizations. It says that the duty risk protection expands […]