Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: The Fate of Joe Arpaio

A recent article featured on thenewsversion.com entitled “Larkin and Lacey Speak Out – What Happened To Joe Arpaio” discusses what happened to the notorious Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio was arrested because he had failed to uphold the ruling of a class action lawsuit filed against him in Melendres V. Arpaio. Joe Arpaio was the acting Sheriff of the Maricopa County Police Department and engaged in various actions that could be considered harassment and stereotyping of the minority migrant population in Arizona.

His ruling required him to stop engaging in such practices and report to a court monitor in order to have his behavior evaluated. He failed to uphold those rulings and was remanded to prison.

Two reporters that are frequently following in the intakes of Joe Arpaio are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Larkin and Lacey have spent much of their career reporting on the corruption of Joe Arpaio as he coined himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. Joe Arpaio did not go down in history books as a tough Sheriff but as a corrupt one.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the journalistic geniuses behind the creation of the Phoenix New Times and would report on the intakes of Joe Arpaio on a quite frequent basis. This earned them a lot of flak from the department and they were frequently excluded from press conferences or investigations. Joe Arpaio eventually had his own run-in with the reporters when he ordered their arrest for unconstitutional reasons.

While the reporters were eventually freed and they eventually used the arrest as the foundation for a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Police Department. They received a settlement of $3.7 million to which they used all of it to fund a project aimed at contributing to the advancement of the migrant population in Arizona.

Fast-forwarding back to the present Joe Arpaio has recently received a pardon for his actions after being remanded to prison for not upholding the sentencing agreement he received in his class-action lawsuit. While many people areoutraged Larkin and Lacey believe that this was going to be inevitable. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

They saw how closely Joe Arpaio aligned himself with the up-and-coming president and knew that he would find a way to wiggle out of having to pay for his crimes.

Joe Arpaio never served a day in prison while Lacey and Larkin were imprisoned for 24 days for a crime that they did not commit. It can be a rather upsetting circumstance for anyone in their position.

In the light of such difficult news, Larkin and Lacey are working to help further the cause of other people instead of focusing on the negativity of the past. Their Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund that was set up with their lawsuit winnings continue to touch lives today.

While Joe Arpaio may be free he will never be able to erase the atrocities that he has contributed to in Arizona history. He will not go down as the great Sheriff that he wanted to be, but he will merely be labeled as a tyrannical official in a corrupt local government.

Founding Frontera Fund – The Fight Against Arpaio’s Abuses

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund began in 2007. They’ve been fighting for immigration rights ever since. In past years, Mexican immigrants have been harassed, imprisoned, and deported at alarming rates. Founders Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey started the Frontera Fund because of harassment they’d received themselves.


In 2007, Joe Arpaio was Sheriff of Maricopa County. He was well-known for his harsh behavior and abusive tactics. Arpaio is anti-immigration and he systematically targeted Latinos during his time as Sheriff. His rampant mismanagement and abuses were ignored by most news companies. However, The Phoenix New Times was paying attention. They reported on Arpaio’s racist persecution, profiling, and imprisonment of Latinos. He was outraged at the newspaper and issued subpoenas for information.


The information Arpaio requested included the browsing history and IP addresses of the newspaper’s readers, writers, and editors. This is where Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey come in. They decided to write an article instead of responding to the subpoenas. Their article detailed Joe Arpaio’s ridiculous request and called it unconstitutional.

This led to their arrest.


Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were arrested at their homes in Arizona by Arpaio’s Selective Enforcement Unit. They were removed from their homes and forced into dark SUVs with Mexican license plates. They were then taken to jails that Arpaio managed. They were arrested for exercising their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


They were released within twenty-four hours due to the massive outcry that ensued after their arrest. The charges were dropped, but the case against their illegal imprisonment was just beginning. The proceedings were focused on the abuse of power by Arpaio and his attempt to stifle their First Amendment rights. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were consequently awarded a settlement of over three million dollars in 2013. The judge and jury also decided that the subpoenas were unlawful because certain legal procedures weren’t followed. Their arrest was also found unlawful due to the lack of probable cause.


The illegal arrests of Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey are what led to the founding of the Frontera Fund. After being awarded over three million dollars, Larkin and Lacey put the money aside to start the Frontera Fund. It began with the initiative to benefit the Hispanic community, and fight those who oppress it.


Arpaio’s fear-mongering spread to both parties in 2014. Both political sides became more extreme on the issue of immigration that year. During this time, Lacey and Larkin started to show financial support to non-profit groups and advocates of Hispanic Civil Rights and causes.


The Frontera Fund still offers assistance, information, and support to those groups today. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey believe in supporting immigration. They understand the fact that we’re all immigrants, and that’s the idea this country was built on.



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