Scarlett Johansson On Stunts: Does She Even Have a Double?


When first hearing the name Scarlett Johansson, many think of a very attractive woman who can do some high leg kicks in some of the best fighting movies like the Captain America Movies. But if you are anything like me, you doubted if she was actually the one doing the self defense stunts that she performed throughout the entirety of the movie. News flash: Except for the stunts that proved to be the most dangerous (which she left to the doubles for good reason; you can’t replace Scarlett Johansson!), she performed all of her own stunts!

When her co-worker Samuel L. Jackson would comment and ask why she didn’t just hand over all of her stunts to the double to save herself from the pain, Johansson could just simply look at her bruised legs and sore body and respond with a “I can’t do that!”. She knew her limitations, and so when her character is up high doing cartwheels twenty some feet in the air, that is not Scarlet. But the Black Widow up in the air throwing and receiving punches? Yup, that is totally her.

Scarlett Johansson has now down three different movies about aliens with the exact same stunt team, so she trusts them with her life. She knows her limits and limitations, but this incredible actress does not sit back and let the stunt do the majority of the work. Scarlett covers that. And how does she keep in such good shape and is able to do these crazy amazing, kick boxing moves? She eats kale, and lots of it.