Randal Nardone: A Veteran in Financial Management

Currently ranked #557 with a personal fortune estimated to be worth $1.8 billion, Randal Nardone is an industry veteran who has co-founded and worked for some of America’s leading financial management and investment companies including Fortress Investment Group, Springleaf Financial Holdings, Blackrock Financial Management, and OneMain Holdings. Having worked in the sector for over three decades, Randal Nardone joined the country’s corporate sector as a partner at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood following his graduation with a juris doctor degree from Boston University’s School of Law. He also served on the committee of the New York City-based law firm. Visit fortress.com to know more.


A University of Connecticut graduate, Randal Nardone made a life and career-defining decision in 1997 to join financial management and investment services industry following his appointment as BlackRock Financial Management’s principal. He was later appointed to serve as UBS’ managing director for a year up to 1998 before successfully venturing into entrepreneurship. In 1998, he joined a group of investors and financial experts to co-found Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Group, which he serves as the principal and CEO following his appointment in 2013, has grown into one of the leading financial services providers globally with numerous subsidiaries including Fortress Investment Fund IV among others. In addition to his executive duties at Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone doubles up as the COO and CEO of these subsidiaries which he also co-founded.

Management beyond Fortress: The Making of a Corporate Leader

Randal Nardone is a serial investor and a successful corporate executive with an excellent management track record. His expertise and experience in financial management, credit management services and private equity are highly sought after by some of the leading investment and financial advisory services providers in the country. He has served as the COO and secretary of IMPAC Commercial Holdings Incorporated since 1999. He was also appointed to serve as a director at Eurocastle Investment Limited in 2006, a position he has held to date. Mr. Nardone serves on the board of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited following his appointment in 2007. He also serves as a director on the board of various companies including OneMain Holdings Incorporated, Aircastle Limited, and Mapeley Limited among others.

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GreenSky Credit uses high-tech innovations to do simple things

Sometimes, keeping things as simple as possible is the best way. Innovation is always alluring. But the old saying goes that when something is not broken, then it shouldn’t be fixed. Nowhere does this hold truer than in the area of finance where novel inventions have been blamed for massive destruction of wealth and usually consist of little more than creative ways of hiding risk.

These things reflect the view that David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit, took from the very beginning. While Zalik is a technological genius who was able to develop one of the most novel and effective interfaces for the origination of instant point-of-sale loans, the business model of GreenSky itself is surprisingly simple.

The company went completely against the grain of the fintech zeitgeist, choosing to use technology in order to facilitate doing more of what was proven to work. While many of GreenSky Credit’s competitors were trying to reinvent the wheel then stuff it into square holes, Zalik was busy creating a way to instantly connect prime borrowers and willing lenders on deals where everyone gained enormously.

High-tech dealmaking

Unlike some of his utopian, starry-eyed peers, David Zalik, at heart, is a dealmaker. With GreenSky, he saw the opportunity to bring high-end borrowers who were in dire need of quick cash together with some of the most trusted lenders in the country, who are always looking to pad out their books with high-quality loans.

One of Zalik’s key insights was to allow these loans to be pitched by its retail partners. GreenSky can train its partners on the use of the lending interface as well as what kinds of customers to look for. This means that the majority of GreenSky customers are fully approved for loan amounts up to six figures, typically within just a couple of minutes.

The ability of these retail partners to offer cash-strapped but creditworthy customers huge instant loans has added billions of dollars in additional sales to these retailers’ numbers. At the same time, the borrowers themselves are typically doing home remodeling and other projects that ultimately add more value than the cost of the projects, allowing everyone involved to win big.


OSI Industries Is A Leader In the Global Food Community

While OSI Industries has seen a lot of expansion since Sheldon Lavin joined the company in the 1970’s, the last 2 years have seen a large amount of growth that is impressive even compared to their accomplishments in the past. The acquisition of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago was one of the first big deals when it comes to the period of growth. While OSI Industries may have already had facilities in the Greater Chicago area, this plant will help them supply even more consumers with their products in North America. Learn more about OSI Industries at indeed.com

The needs of their customers are constantly changing, and this is exceptionally true as of the last few years. Overall, one of the areas that have experienced the most growth is in the demand for poultry products around the world. OSI Industries was excited to be able to bring this new facility on board as part of their company and looks forward to the opportunities that it will provide.

While OSI Industries wasn’t open to talking about what the details of the deal were, but it was initially announced that Tyson would be stopping production in the plant as of 2015. It was announced that Tyson would be closing another one of their facilities located in Jefferson, Wisconsin as well. This closure is part of the company’s plans to focus on improving their productivity.

OSI Industries is the world leader when it comes to protein items and foods with value added to them. They have had a strong relationship with fast food giants for many years and is one of their go-to companies for hamburgers and other products. While the company started as a butcher shop, they now provide dough, vegetables to their customers along with a diverse array of meat products.

As of now, OSI Group operates out of 17 different countries around the world. Many of these are in North America, South America, and different parts of Europe. As of right now, the group has more than 65 facilities in their operation and this number is expected to continue to rise. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers around the globe.

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Stream Energy takes Charity into a New Level

Stream Energy leadership has taken their philanthropy activities into a whole new direction. Stream Energy has been taking part in most of the charity events taking place in Dallas and many other parts of the American society since it was founded. This year, the company decided that it was going to do something different so that it could accomplish more in the communities living in Dallas. Stream Energy has announced through its website that it has founded a special arm called Stream Care Foundation. The employees of the company have played a huge role in the formation of the new charity arm. Most of them had been affected by the floods that took place in the recent months, and this meant that they could not be able to attend work and serve the company as they are required to.

People are not surprised by the decision taken by Stream Energy. Most of them say that the company is respected because of its role in supporting community initiatives. The direct selling company main offices are located in Dallas, and this explains why most of its employees live in this region. Stream Energy focuses on supplying electricity, gas and other products in most American homes. The products from this company are very affordable, even to the people who earn very little at the end of the month. The company does not discriminate the people who are less fortunate in life, and this is why they have grown so fast in the competitive American market.

Stream Care Foundation will start its role in the community immediately. According to the company administration, the charity foundation will try and help the homeless hurricane victims with school supplies, clothing, food, water and other basic needs they require to start life and continue working. The donations from the direct selling will take care of the needs of the flood victims and any other families that are living in harsh conditions. Residents are very excited about the new organization because they know that they will be the greatest beneficiaries in the future. The company employees are very happy too.


Deirdre Enjoys Helping People in the Hospital

Whether Deirdre Baggot is working as a nurse or an administrator with The Camden Group, she knows she has to do things to make a difference. She also knows she can make things easier for everyone in the industry. As long as she has a chance to help people and give them the experiences they need, she feels she can make a positive impact for everyone in the industry. It makes sense for her to continue showing people the right way to do things and the right opportunities they can use for success in the future. It also makes it easier for her to give more attention to the issues she has and the options she uses for others. There are times when Deirdre has to make difficult decisions, but she’s confident in her abilities since she’s been making these decisions for years. She has a lot of hope for the Camden Group in the future and that propels her toward a more positive experience with everyone she works with.

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There are things that might take extra time for Deirdre to do, but she knows what it means to be the best in the company. She spent a lot of time coming up with positive opportunities and that’s what makes it easy for her to show people what they can get from the industry standards. It’s also something that makes her have a better experience no matter what issues she faces. For Deirdre to do this, she has to make sure she has a good idea of what issues are going on in the healthcare industry.

Deirdre stays on top of different things in healthcare. Deirdre Baggot is a nurse and practiced as a clinician before she took on an administrative role. During that time, she learned about what she could do to make a difference for the patients. She now uses that experience to make a difference for others who work in the industry. Deirdre knows what to do to be compassionate and continues using that to give her a competitive edge while working in the administrative area of healthcare. Visit: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/29148566_Deirdre_Baggot


Talos Energy Acquires Whistler Energy Which Will Drive The Company To Another Level

Talos Energy Company is one of the largest oil exploration and production company along the Gulf of Mexico and other coastline regions around the western side of the United States. Offshore exploration has expanded over the recent times as many companies consider venturing the activities of searching for one of the most precious commodity in the world. Exploration companies are already reaping great benefits such that their expansion has been tremendous.

The tremendous growth of the oil exploration and production can be seen after Talos Energy went ahead to acquire another large oil organization in the industry, Whistler Energy. This company has a high production capacity, which means that the company will be acquiring a fortune if at all the move to purchase the organization goes through. All indications are that the firm has presented an acceptable bid, which is difficult to resist.

The production of Whistler Energy is such high to the extent that it almost exceeds that of Talos Energy. However, Talos has good management strategies and better forecasting models that have helped the organization to continue dominating other oil exploration companies in the industry. The recent records show that Whistler Energy gets more than fifteen thousand barrels of oils per day, which is enough to make the company progress with its ambitious financial plan.

Purchasing one of the largest oil exploration and production organization represents a new dimension in the progress of the company. It is evident that the company is expanding to the extent that it will be achieving its goals and objectives of becoming the largest oil company in the industry. One may have a perception that Talos Energy used a significant amount of money. However, the company only paid net cash of dollar fourteen million.

A significant number of those individuals who analyze mergers and acquisition of different companies analyzed the situation and found that no company lost during the whole acquisition process. Whistler Energy was able to receive a significant amount of money, which was in cash and the settlement of its collateral. On the other hand, Talos Energy acquired a company with massive potential in industry.

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José Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF to One of the Top Real Estate Companies in Brazil

JHSF is a real estate’s company with headquarters in Sao Paulo Brazil started in 1972. It has other branches in Salvador and Manaus in Brazil. Other offices include Miami (USA), New York (USA), and Punta del Este in Uruguay. The company specializes in real estate mainly luxury retail brands, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and real estate development. The company has been able to maintain its projects and events, to produce high-quality products and start daring investments. The company has managed steady growth under the leadership of its president José Auriemo Neto.

Some of the properties the company owns include shopping centers namely; Catalina fashion outlet, Ponta Negra, Bela Vista, and Cidade Jardim. Other malls include high-end retail outlets, parking, energy supply, telecommunication, and parking spaces. The company owns hotels and restaurants, which are managed under the Fasano flag. The hotels include Miami, Trancoso, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, and Angra dos Reis. Some of the 14 restaurants are located in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. JHSF owns the Sao Catalina Executive Airport, which is under construction as well. JHSF owns the prominent Cidade Jardim shopping complex and Cidade Jardim Residence in Sao Paulo. It’s also planning to extend its real estate venture by developing its existing land bank located near Cidade Jardim.

José Auremo Neto took over the company from his father Fábio Auriemo in 1993, and since then he has never looked back. He is both the Chairman and president of JHSF, and under his leadership, the company has launched many high-end projects. The most prominent plan was the launch of Cidade Jardim Complex in 2006, which is the primary reference in the Brazilian’s luxury market. The complex also has three commercial towers, nine residential towers, and a high-end park city garden, which all make City Garden Corporate Center. He oversaw the company’s acquisition of Fasano group hotels in 2007 and 2014 took over the control of some of the Fasano group’s restaurants. He also steered the company to secure a partnership with Valentino when the launching of Valentino and RED Valentino stores in Brazil was done among other many other developments. José Auriemo Neto is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization since 1999.

A Look Into How Freedom Checks Happen

Matt Badiali is a well seasoned individual in the business industry. He obtained his academic degrees in the field of science, which lead him to work abroad for many years. It was during this time when he learned of the potential of the energy industry. He took this knowledge back to the states where he created Freedom Checks. The concept of its legitimately is expanded on in a recent article on the website Metro.

Starting from the top, Freedom Checks are a form of Master Limited Partnerships(MLP). Its a simple investment and return plan, based on company output and performance. The benefit is this exploits a tax loophole, thus companies can save more money. MLPs are similar to the stock market in this accept, expect for the fact that must operate mostly in the United States. The research shows that the only way to make back thousands is to invest a lot of money. Despite Matt Badiali’s website using stock photos, this is a legit investment strategy for consumers. More about of Freedom Checks at forexvestor.com

The concept of Freedom checks anchors back to Matt Badiali’s newsletter. He works as editorial writer at Bryan Hill publishing, where he is trying to sell his audience on this new investment plan to get subscriber counts up. It is possible to “stake your claim” like the commercials describes, but the process is a lot more complicated than just a wave of a pen with basic information.

In the business world, companies are always looking for new innovate ways to innovate in their resources. The newest solution is Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks where consumers and companies can enter a mutual partnerships. MLPs are beneficial to both parties since consumers get returns directly based on how much was much invested, which the company uses to avoid tax laws that would steal some of their profits. It may seem like a sketchy proposition on the surface, but this is a legit way to invest.

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Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Great Investment Plan

Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s great investment plan.

When you want to invest, you should not do it in haste. Instead, take your time, do your research and enquire a lot from those who have invested there before. So many get rich quick investment scams are on the rise hence the need to take caution. Freedom checks are no longer new to people and a lot of enquiries are being made about them. If you want to know more about checks, below is a list of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

What are freedom checks?

Checks returns on investments made in Master Limited Partnerships. Yes, freedom checks do not at all stand for free money like most people assume. You actually have to make an initial investment in MLPs.

Why MLPs?

In 1987, an act was passed to let MLPs operate tax free. For them to enjoy this benefit, 90% of their returns must be passed to the investors. So, here’s the catch; when you invest in MLPs, which operate tax free, the returns on the investment you made will be very high. You will be smiling all the way to the bank once you receive your freedom check.

Is investing in Energy Companies wise?

Energy companies are MLPs and investing in them is very wise. Why? You ask; well, the current human population cannot be compared to ten years ago because it has increased. Consequently, energy demand is and will continue being on the rise. Where else would you rather invest in than a place where you are sure your investment will grow?


When Matt Badiali, the pioneer of checks, invented this great investment plan, he was thinking of ways in which a common investor would not lose his hard earned cash. He wanted to come up with a plan which, after retirement one can enjoy a comfortable life. After doing research and talking with various CEOs from energy companies around the world, Badialli was sure that the energy industry was the answer to many potential investors. Though some became hesitant once they came to know that one has to make an initial investment, the truth is, freedom checks are legal and not a scam like other schemes.

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Sheldon Lavin Believes In Growth Within His Organization

Sheldon Lavin believes in growth within his organization. He is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. OSI Group has been in business for over 100 years. It is one of the leading food manufacturers in the industry and continues to set a standard that is followed by others. OSI has spread its influence around the world by embracing the concepts that Lavin has brought to the team. He is always looking for ways to improve the company’s stature so that it can offer new options to clients.

OSI Group began as a family-owned business in the early 1900’s. It was founded by a German immigrant name Otto Kolschosky. He called his company Otto & Sons. It was a meat market that operated in the Chicago area. The Company slowly grew into a major manufacturer of product to restaurants and markets throughout the years. In the 1950’s Otto & Sons was discovered by Ray Kroc of McDonald’s Organization. He enlisted the company to be his supplier of meat in the region. Otto & Sons stood out from the other meat manufacturers due to its processes. McDonald’s chose them to be its sole supplier of product.

Sheldon Lavin was brought in to be a consultant in the operations between the McDonald’s Corporation and Otto & Sons. His role grew over the years. Lavin eventually became a partner in the operation.

The original owners of Otto & Sons began to settle into retirement. Sheldon Lavin took over operations as CEO and Chairman. At this point he began to push the company’s business interest to an international level. Otto & Sons conducted the acquisition of K&K Foods in Taiwan, which created the OSI Asia Pacific Division. The organization continued to spread throughout the Pacific Rim and Central America. It has recently made acquisitions to secure its presence in Europe and Australia.

Sheldon Lavin has carefully built his organization to be a machine of innovation and forward progress. He credits this to being able to higher talented personnel and retain them with the company. OSI has a very low turnover rate among its staff. This allows leaders to make long-term decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.

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