Could Fabletics’ Crowdsourcing Be The Way To Beat Amazon In Fashion?

There is no single answer to give to companies looking to adapt to the technology revolution and how it’s impacting brick and mortar retailers, and how they can compete with Amazon. Amazon likely will be around for many generations to come, but one way companies can start is to do research on how millennials shop, and part of that is looking at reviews. Fabletics, a fashion company that’s growing and showing Amazon they can keep going up in the fashion industry is using the power of reviews as just such a tool. Reviews really are your best marketing and public relations outlet because customers don’t necessarily take the word of TV and radio commercials anymore; they want to know “what do people just like me say about this product?” Fabletics has many reviews on their website about not only their products but their customer service, and their leaders say that that’s been a huge part of why they’ve experienced growth in an Amazon-dominated domain.


Fabletics is owned in part by celebrity Kate Hudson and specifically sells athletic wear mostly for women, but they do have some outfits for men too. Hudson came into this business because she was approached by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the CEOs of JustFab which has now been incorporated into Techstyle Fashion Group. Hudson had only done acting and may not have seemed like the businesswoman type, but Goldenberg and Ressler knew she adhered to a healthy lifestyle, and they also loved her personality and belief that everything should be authentic. When Hudson instantly said yes, they knew the company could succeed because she believed in it, and they were right.


Kate Hudson has not only made Fabletics thrive because she’s often at the company headquarters testing designs and helping get out marketing campaigns, but she’s also an active user of the brand. If you frequented the parks she visits, or the gym she works out in, the outfit she’s wearing is probably a Fabletics outfit. But Hudson is also active in the technology side of things. Thanks to being a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, Fabletics can be run independently yet still have access to the technology infrastructure provided by Techstyle including big data and the online membership system. Hudson has pushed for better customer communication over the years and has made signing up much more straightforward. To signup as a Fabletics customer, all you have to do is fill in your information and take the lifestyle quiz at

Market Knowledge and Passion Used to Bring Fabletics to Life

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Kate Hudson when they get their start, especially in the fashion industry. One interesting thing about fashion and business is that they have very similar principles. If one can master the principles of being good at one, they may have an easier time at being good at another. Given that Kate Hudson is very experienced with and passionate about fashion, it is no mystery as to how she has managed to put together such a successful brand like Fabletics. The following are secrets that can help people not only with business, but also with finding and expressing their own style.


One of the major steps for entrepreneurs to take is to find their own passion. Anything that animates them is something that is worth going into business for. Kate Hudson has found fashion to be her passion. Therefore, she has taken the time to build a business with it. Within fashion, an individual can find his own style that gives him the type of satisfaction he wants. Once he finds it, then he can either explore it. However, as with business, sometimes people may have to experiment a little before they find something that is best suited to them.


Another important thing to do is take risks. This is one thing that Kate Hudson says is important. People that try to stay in their comfort zone and play by all of the rules are setting themselves up for failure. Business professionals take risks before they succeed. At the same time, people who take risks are aware of the risks they are taking. Therefore, they have a better shot at success. With fashion, there is a lot of room for risk as well. People who take more risks with fashion are those who are a little more respected and admired.


Kate is one of the people that is working to change the fashion industry and the world as a whole with brands like Fabletics. The fashion industry is coming out of the conformity stage and people are becoming more courageous with their fashion choices. Even men are stepping outside of the norm and taking risks with fashion. On the business side of things, people are discovering new ways to market. They are also choosing a more effective method for marketing which involves community engagement. With all of the platforms available, marketing is easier and more cost effective than ever.

Fabletics and the Role of Subscription Services Data

There is a love for the Fabletics company that is growing. Many people are finding out about Fabletics, and they are thrilled about the way that this company has grown. Over the years it has become one of the hottest subscription-based clothing companies on the way up. This company is also expanding to the world of offline shoppers as well. Sales consultant that work in the stores will be able to give information and get greater detail about the subscription services.


Outsiders that have never taken the Life Style Quiz may not realize it, but the subscription service that Fabletics has in place is one of the most important tools that Kate Hudson and co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg can use to analyze how this company is growing.


Customers that continue to get their monthly subscription services are clearly signs that Fabletics is doing well. When customers decide to drop subscriptions, by contrast, this can be a sign that Kate Hudson should take this as a need to improve upon services. There’s a lot of value that is connected to the subscription service business model that was adopted from the JustFab company.


Much of the desire to grow and build as many as 100 stores in the next five years comes directly from the data that has been connected to the subscription services. One might say that this is the central part of the marketing plan that is designed to reach millions of other customers on a global basis. Once customers are connected to the VIP membership it is a clear sign that they like the content of the shipments that they are getting. These customers are loyal and there is a sense of stability with the profits that are gained from these customers.


Kate Hudson has the ability to simply look at the growth of the subscription services and this will give her an idea of how well she will be able to compete against other companies like Amazon.


Jeff Bezos does not have a direct subscription service for clothing in particular, but Amazon does have the Amazon Prime membership that eliminates the cost of shipping. It also expedites shipping on clothing and everything else that sold on the Amazon site. This is a strategy that he uses to compete against Fabletics.


People have become intrigued by this type of David and Goliath type of battle, but Kate Hudson never sees herself in this way. She is much more inclined to look at the world in a way in which she is simply gaining ground as her business grows. She is luring customers away from other sites and gaining a present through her celebrity status. This is giving her the type of lead as she needs to go forth and bring about more innovation to what Fabletics has already put on the table.


Amazon has been around for years, but Fabletics is just getting started. As far as Hudson is concerned, her growth is a very impressive accomplishment.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletic’s Fashion

Even for a fashion icon like Kate Hudson, succeeding in the fashion industry isn’t easy. It wasn’t having to come with brilliant fashion designs that made it hard. It was trying to thrive in an industry where Amazon controls 20 percent of the e-commerce market. Yet, that’s exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has done.

For the past three years, Kate Hudson has grown Fabletics into a $250 million company. Unlike other big-name fashion brands, Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic. The company’s premise was combining stylish fashion with convenience and membership features. It was also important to Kate that every Fabletics product inspires.

Fabletics also found ways to deal with the ever-changing economy of fashion. In the past, companies needed to have great products at fair prices. These days, designers have incredibly expensive products that are promoted as high-quality.

Today, consumers are all about the extra mile companies are willing to go for them. That’s why so many people complain about high prices; they’re paying attention to other aspects of brands. That’s not the case with Fabletics. Fabletics made sure to make price a feature people paid attention to.

With so much e-commerce success, it was only a matter of time before Fabletics entered the physical world. Currently, the brand has 16 stores nationwide but plans on adding more. Unlike other companies, Fabletics isn’t affected by offline browsing – online shopping. That’s because of a special strategy every Fabletics store uses.

Instead of following the traditional pop-up store route, Fabletics uses special events to form relationships with local members. This allows every store to stock its shelves with items that local members are most likely to purchase; making every member feel important.

All the non-sponsored reviews about Fabletics are a true testament to Kate Hudson’s brilliance. According to one reviewer, Fabletics has leggings that can rival leggings from Lululemon. She was actually surprised by that.

Even more impressive is the variety of styles on Fabletics. All the various styles are what really amazed her. In her opinion, it would be impossible for someone not to find something they like on Fabletics.


The Growth of Fabletics

There are a lot of new companies popping up in various areas of the economy today. With all of the economic changes that are on the horizon, now is a great time to start a business. Many new business owners are scared to take on large companies. Fabletics is a company that has had success in taking on Amazon. There are few companies in the world that can say this, and they are excited about the changes that are taking place within their business. With the reverse showroom technique that they use, a lot of people are surprised with their success. With any clothing business, many people want to see what they can do to try on the clothes before any purchase is made. In the internet age, the customer experience and expectations are much different.




From the time that Fabletics was started, they had support from a celebrity in Kate Hudson. This is always something that can make a major impact on others. Not only is this a great way for other people to see what the business is and how it can help them, but it is a great marketing tool. The company grew quickly, and now they are a major competitor in the athletic apparel market.




Every new business looks to get financing at some point. Fabletics had to make a decision on whether to sell equity in the business or take on a lot of debt. The company was growing so fast that the infrastructure was not able to keep up with the demand. This is a common problem for a lot of companies in this sector if they are successful. The company decided to sell a piece of the business in order to keep their cash flow and profits high. If they had taken on debt, a sizable portion of the cash flow coming in would have gone right back out in the form of debt payments.


Next Plans


Fabletics is a company that is experiencing a lot of growth right now. In the midst of that growth, the company is taking away market share from large companies like Amazon. Over time, this is something that a lot of people are excited about. The athletic apparel business is one that is growing rapidly, and many people are excited about the changes that are taking place there. If you want to excel at a high level in business, following the example of Fabletics is a great way to go. A lot of people are ready to see what the next steps and plans are for this company with the support of Kate Hudson.