Gareth Henry Is An International Relations Expert

Gareth Henry is a rather unique individual when it comes to finances as he is just as much an expert communicator as Gareth Henry is a great financialist. According to Gareth, investing is a passion, so every day is a good day for him, not feeling like he has to do the daily work grind. Gareth Henry has always had a thing for numbers, which is why he went to school to be an accountant with a degree in mathematics. Gareth studied at the University of Edinburgh to earn his degree, which is located in Scotland. Rather than becoming an accountant like he first imagined, Gareth struck gold when he found the investment industry as he was skilled at it from the get-go. What’s more, for Gareth, he has a knack for communicating with virtually anyone, making him the perfect man for working in international relations.

Gareth Henry really found success when he started working at Fortress Investment Group, a multi-billion dollar investment firm located in the United States. Although Gareth is in the UK, Fortress Investment Group has various locations around the world, including London. Gareth was hired as Head of International Relations at Fortress Investment and he helped the company build relationships all over the globe with hundreds of investors. Today, Gareth is no longer working for Fortress Investment, but instead, he took up a position at Angelo Gordon, a similar company that has Gareth doing the exact same job as he had before at Fortress, Head of International Relations.

Gareth Henry is considered an expert when it comes to finances and investment techniques and over the years he has mentored many different people. Gareth states that this is not just to teach people and bring them opportunities, but to also bring opportunities to himself through professional networking. Every person Gareth helps to become a success is another person in Gareth’s corner in the investment field.

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Michael Hagele Is A Businessman Who Is Passionate About High-Speed Mountain Biking

Michael Hagele is a businessman who works with tech companies in the defense, biotech, internet, and aerospace industries as their outside general counsel. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree while studying at the University of Iowa and went on to receive his Juris Doctor while attending the University of California at Berkeley. Before today, he has worked as general counsel for many different internet companies that were backed by venture capital. He also served the Silicon Valley offices of Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Connect with Michael Hagele by visiting his linkedin account.

Apart from work, Michael Hagele is passionate about high-speed mountain biking, and he wants others to know that they, too, can get into the sport. Many people find themselves intimidated by high-speed mountain biking, but Hagele suggests that they can learn more by attending skills camps or biking with someone who has more experience. People can also go to mountain biking parks, which are available in many cities now. Biking in a more managed environment can help aspiring mountain bikers to learn more about how terrain effects their biking.

Michael Hagele has been adamant about the fact that a beginner to the sport of high-speed mountain biking should start out with the right equipment. The right kind of bike is, of course, paramount to success, and he also suggests that disc brakes are a good choice. Hagele also believes that a mountain bike should have a dual suspension system and that a hydraulic seat post dropper will make life easier on the trail, as well.

Michael Hagele has also reminded newbies to the sport that they need to remember to bring something hydrating with them on their rides. He also suggests that a well-fitted helmet is crucial for comfortability and safety and has commented that people should also wear lightweight, breathable clothes. Hagele has also talked about the importance of being in decent shape before taking on high-speed mountain biking. He also wants people to remember that they need stretch and get their muscles warmed up before biking. While many beginners are eager to jump right into the deep end of the sport, Hagele has suggested that starting out slowly and then working up to more difficult terrain is the best way to stay safe. Website:

David McDonald, OSI Group’s President

David McDonald is the incumbent President of the renowned OSI Group. He was brought up in the Lowa farms where he developed his interest in agriculture at a young age. David Mcdonald later received admission into Lowa State University and undertook a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He began working at OSI Group after his graduation from University.

OSI Group is a global company that leads in production and supply of meat processed products. It mainly deals in the distribution of foods such as hot dogs, bacon, and sausages amongst other meat products. A German immigrant established the firm in the year 1909 at Illinois in the United States.

In the year 1928, the company was branded, Otto and Sons. It later entered into a partnership with Chicago Best Meat Company to incorporate the Glenn mark brand in its operations. Since its inception, the company has tremendously grown in size to satisfy its international market.

Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Groups has increased its food facilities to 60 in number. The outlets are distributed all over the world with some in Indonesia, Japan, China, India and South Africa.

The company has also successfully entered the Chinese market. The company has established eight facilities in China that focus on the supply of meat processed products.

He has led the company into profit-making ventures hence expanding the Company’s global market. He was involved in the expansion of OSI’s affiliate company in Indonesia by over 30%. He also set up a new frozen processing facility in India, and the facility has helped OSI double its sales in India alone.

OSI acquired Baho Food, a private meat processing company that has been in the market for over 60 years now. David McDonald pointed out that the acquisition would expand OSI Group’s global market. He further said that the Company would be a world leader in the supply of products to customers.

David Mcdonald works with a team of over 20000 highly qualified personnel distributed across its 60 facilities all over the world. The employees are credited with their immense dedication and hard work that has seen OSI make huge profits yearly.

David McDonald’s typical day mostly revolves around business. He spends his mornings to delegate tasks and receive updates from the company’s international branches. He spends his afternoons holding meetings on matters regarding the company.

He also holds top managerial positions in major companies. He is the director of Mafrig Global Foods Corporation in SA.

Alexandre Gama is Undoubtedly a Creative Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is undoubtedly a forerunner in creativity and advertising entrepreneurship in Brazil and Latin America in general. Born on June 1st, 1986, Alexandre Gama is internationally recognized for his multiple contributions to creative advertising in Brazil and as a pioneer leader in a global network of agencies. He is both a creative professional and a businessman specializing in the fields of advertising and communication.


Gama’s career set off after he received his degree in Advertising and Communication from Armando Alvarez Penteados Foundation. He acquired a job as a copywriter and creative in 1982 at Standard Ogilvy and Mather, but later moved to DM9 in 1999 where he worked as a creative director. He became the most awarded creative director of his generation during his tenure in DM9. He has worked for other great agencies including Young and Rubicam where he was CEO and CCO.


Gama ended his career at Young and Rubicam to establish Neogama, an advertising agency that recorded the fastest growth in its first three years of inception. Neogama went on to partner with BBH in 2002 with Gama as the major shareholder. It was later acquired by Publicis Groupe in 2012, but disbanded in 2016 after the earn-out period had elapsed.


Apart from his numerous awards in his career, Gama won numerous awards through Neogama including “2002 Agency of the Year” and two golden lions in Cannes. He won “Agency Director of the Year” from the PPA in 2006 and the Cabore Award as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry” in 2007.