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Heath Ritenour: IOA CEO Highlights Insurance Insights for Landlords

In a recent interview, Heath Ritenour, CEO of Insurance Optimisation Alliance (IOA), shared insights with News today about the importance of landlords having property insurance. He says that it is essential to ensure that all aspects of your business are covered and that this includes landlords’ liability and buildings insurance. “Landlords need to protect their […]

The Hauser Insurance Firm

Hauser Insurance Group offers protection systems, hazards to the executives, and customer benefits in various kinds of business. It was established in 1971 in Cincinnati, and its base camp is situated there. Hauser Insurance provides an outline of Trustee Obligation protection for exchanges directed in various organizations. It says that the duty risk protection expands […]

Heath Ritenour: Insurance Companies will Anticipate Future Pandemic and Prepare as Needed

There are very many questions that have been surrounding most of the industries that have been able to overcome the pandemic. A huge number of organizations will not be able to return to their business operations because they could not be able to survive the problem. However, there are those that were able to survive […]