Softbank’s Deal With Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has landed a deal with Softbank worth billions of dollars. This deal will allow for Softbank to become one of the biggest asset management companies in the world. Fortress Investment Group manages around seventy billion of dollars of assets for their clients. They primarily focus on credit, private equity and real estate. This asset management firm was created in 1998. It debuted on the New York Stock Exchange as one of the largest of its scale. It was founded by Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. Visit

After Softbank’s acquisition of the firm, the asset management firm will still remain open and operate in New York City. Softbank has had their eye on this asset management due to how it is a alternative asset management company. Companies like this have great benefits for investors. Alternative asset managers tend to charge clients higher fees and have longer lasting agreements from investment backers. Revenue from companies like this has been increasing yearly. Surely, this has gotten Softbank’s attention. They made an offer of 3.3 billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group gladly accepted.

Softbank has major plans of incorporating Fortress Investment Group into their business dealings. Softbank wants to create a network of international investors. This acquisition allows for Softbank to pick up legal and back office compliance. This acquisition ultimately will lead to the company have more leverage to invest in other businesses. Softbank thinks they could double the amount of assets that Fortress currently manages. They plan to do this in just a matter of a few years. With the help of billionaires and major projects, Softbank could turn Fortress into an even more successful asset manager. Softbank’s deal with Fortress Investment Group will be one of the biggest deals for the company and they plan to have a very successful future that involves billion dollar investments.

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Top Ways to get Steady Income

When it comes to investments, there are many options to choose from. Apart from stocks and bonds, you can also invest in master limited partnerships. Ever heard of freedom checks? If not, then here is a chance to find out more about them. If you have been investing in the stock dividend, then they are more or less the same. Freedom checks are payments that you get from the MLPs. They give you good returns, and you can get financial freedom from the MLPs.

For a company to qualify to invest in MLPs, it must have 90% of its income coming from natural resources production, transportation, and exploration of oil. Thus, the investment is meant for companies dealing in shipping and oil refining.

There are numerous benefits of investing in MLPs. First of all, MLPs have attractive yields. They can pay returns ranging from 4% to 6%. Some MLPs can pay yields even as high as 10%. MLPs can pay high yield since they can retain more cash and do not pay taxes. Thus, an MLP can pay investors higher returns.

The other benefit of investing in MLPs is that they are a low-risk investment. MLPs deal with industries in refining and pipeline, which have slow growth. As an investor, you will not have to worry about the investment is too risky.

You also benefit by investing in the MLPs since you get a steady income. MLPs are guaranteed of getting an income from their long-term contracts which means you always get a steady flow of income.

MLPs are just like stock dividends, and you can get quarterly or monthly distributions. As an investor, you do not pay tax. In case you sell your investment, you are taxed only on the lower capital gains rate. Thus, you get an additional tax benefit.

Once you have invested in the master limited partnerships, you can get your freedom checks to the brokerage account or the mail. By investing in MLPs, you are guaranteed of getting a steady income flow from the freedom checks. It is an excellent opportunity to make the additional income that can help with some of your expenses.

Gareth Henry Is An International Relations Expert

Gareth Henry is a rather unique individual when it comes to finances as he is just as much an expert communicator as Gareth Henry is a great financialist. According to Gareth, investing is a passion, so every day is a good day for him, not feeling like he has to do the daily work grind. Gareth Henry has always had a thing for numbers, which is why he went to school to be an accountant with a degree in mathematics. Gareth studied at the University of Edinburgh to earn his degree, which is located in Scotland. Rather than becoming an accountant like he first imagined, Gareth struck gold when he found the investment industry as he was skilled at it from the get-go. What’s more, for Gareth, he has a knack for communicating with virtually anyone, making him the perfect man for working in international relations.

Gareth Henry really found success when he started working at Fortress Investment Group, a multi-billion dollar investment firm located in the United States. Although Gareth is in the UK, Fortress Investment Group has various locations around the world, including London. Gareth was hired as Head of International Relations at Fortress Investment and he helped the company build relationships all over the globe with hundreds of investors. Today, Gareth is no longer working for Fortress Investment, but instead, he took up a position at Angelo Gordon, a similar company that has Gareth doing the exact same job as he had before at Fortress, Head of International Relations.

Gareth Henry is considered an expert when it comes to finances and investment techniques and over the years he has mentored many different people. Gareth states that this is not just to teach people and bring them opportunities, but to also bring opportunities to himself through professional networking. Every person Gareth helps to become a success is another person in Gareth’s corner in the investment field.

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A Look Into How Freedom Checks Happen

Matt Badiali is a well seasoned individual in the business industry. He obtained his academic degrees in the field of science, which lead him to work abroad for many years. It was during this time when he learned of the potential of the energy industry. He took this knowledge back to the states where he created Freedom Checks. The concept of its legitimately is expanded on in a recent article on the website Metro.

Starting from the top, Freedom Checks are a form of Master Limited Partnerships(MLP). Its a simple investment and return plan, based on company output and performance. The benefit is this exploits a tax loophole, thus companies can save more money. MLPs are similar to the stock market in this accept, expect for the fact that must operate mostly in the United States. The research shows that the only way to make back thousands is to invest a lot of money. Despite Matt Badiali’s website using stock photos, this is a legit investment strategy for consumers. More about of Freedom Checks at

The concept of Freedom checks anchors back to Matt Badiali’s newsletter. He works as editorial writer at Bryan Hill publishing, where he is trying to sell his audience on this new investment plan to get subscriber counts up. It is possible to “stake your claim” like the commercials describes, but the process is a lot more complicated than just a wave of a pen with basic information.

In the business world, companies are always looking for new innovate ways to innovate in their resources. The newest solution is Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks where consumers and companies can enter a mutual partnerships. MLPs are beneficial to both parties since consumers get returns directly based on how much was much invested, which the company uses to avoid tax laws that would steal some of their profits. It may seem like a sketchy proposition on the surface, but this is a legit way to invest.

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Freedom Checks are tax-free investment channel that is not a governmental program. It works the same as the convenience checks where one is given financial support for the personal use and investment but is required to pay with some interest. The free-checks companies work with the same principle as the medical care or as the social security. Therefore, the revenues are collected from productions done and the agreement to collect lucrative for the stakeholders. Read this article at

The doubt of freedom checks as an investment prompted people such as Matt Badiali to share their views. Matt Badiali is an investor who is specialized in geology as well as research on other natural resources. Through his experience, he got many opportunities to work with many companies and investors. Traveling to different places to help other investors understand the ways to invest appropriately in natural resources. In one of his business ventures, he discovered the freedom checks while working for a businessperson whose investment is in oil.

According to him, the checks will be the solution to financial problems in various investments especially those that deal with natural resources. His urge to help many people led to the sharing of the idea which was accepted by people leading to significant benefits. As a result, the Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) got created by several companies. These companies come together to ensure the investment chart goes up by giving the freedom checks to its clients.

The growth of freedom checks was influenced by the laws outlined to govern it as well as having committed people working with it. For instance, it was made to be a tax-free investment through a judge stated that the energy-related companies should give a certain amount of money to a specific channel making the company have its finances to run ventures. After a quarter of every financial year, the MLPs distribute the dividends to the stakeholder. The company is a genuine and a high channel to invest in where the people acquire more bonuses impacting the society.

Nixon, the president of the venture, facilitated the non-removal of taxes by the MLPs so that the energy-related companies they work for to produce products without a struggle. Moreover, the agreement to give rewards to people who invest in energy companies has not only led to the growth of energy companies but also the development of the people in the society. Besides, it provides other opportunities that allow of individuals and in the long run the economy. Read more:


Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is one of the leading real estate leaders in the world. He is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a luxury housing company that builds dozens of homes each month. DAMAC Properties is located in Dubai, which is a thriving city with a vibrant economy. Thousands of people move to the city each year.

Starting a Career

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner,  has not always been a business owner. He started working in the real estate industry at a young age. He always enjoyed looking at homes and speaking with clients. As a real estate agent, he could increase his income by selling more homes.

He decided to start a real estate company and become an investor. He believes that real estate investing is a proven way for people to improve their financial position.

Building Homes

DAMAC Properties is a successful company for various reasons. The company treats all customers with dignity and respect. The company also offers services for a reasonable price. Anyone who wants to improve their housing situation should consider working with Hussain.

Hussain has a natural ability to design a home based on specific parameters. With the rising cost of housing in Dubai, some people are trying to limit the size of their home. Building a smaller house is the best way for people to afford housing.

Future Goals

Although Hussain is doing a great job managing DAMAC Properties, he still wants to improve the company in the coming years. He wants to offer additional products and services to increase sales. He plans to concentrate on both residential and commercial properties. Many companies are moving workers to Dubai to get better results. Although he has a busy schedule, Hussain is always willing to help young people who are entering the real estate industry.

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Banyan Hill Reviews Authenticity of Freedom Checks

The investment world has been quite abuzz when Matt Badiali made a video and publicly broadcasted the lucrative possibilities of having access to “freedom checks.”

According to Matt Badiali there are about 568 companies who are currently issuing the said checks, which are covered by the Statute 26-F. The corporations who are allowed to dispense them can operate tax free but must be able to meet the following conditions:

  1. The companies must generate 90% of their earnings from the production, procession, storage and transportation of their oil and gas products within the United States
  2. The companies must agree to issue the checks to their investors.

Matt Badiali found out about the freedom checks while he was working abroad as a consultant for gas and oil mining companies. It was also there that he discovered the MLPs or the master limited partnerships, which is comprised by the 568 companies mentioned above. And according to Badiali, the profit some individuals make on the said checks ranges from $124,000 to $266,000 per year. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

With the general decline of imported oil from the Middle East region, and the upsurge of gas and oil manufacturing within the United States, the corporations involved in the oil and gas production are confident to earn substantial proceeds that qualifies them to make projected payments of about $34.6 billion for the ensuing 12 months.

According to the Banyan Hill, the internet is full of spam offers that promise big sums of money for no or minimal effort. But the freedom checks Matt Badiali has been recommending is first of all legal. And the companies involved are making skyrocketing profits from 5,889% to 8,839% up until 39.832%. So, in simple mathematical terms, a small investment of $1,000 can have returns of as much as $398,000 yearly.

The companies issuing the cited checks are engage in the oil and gas industry. And to be able to meet the requirements of becoming an MLP, the said companies must pay 90% of their total earnings to their respective shareholders. The quarterly or monthly allocations of payments are more or less like stock dividend disbursements. And since they are considered as capital returns, taxes are not levied on them.

Incidentally, MLP shares can be bought just like how ordinary stocks are purchased, and such investments gave Matt and his supporters the opportunity to make ample gains. Hence, freedom checks are legal and are not any form of scam. Check: