Dr. Saad Saad: International Pediatrician and Inventor

Palestinian pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad Saad is a globally recognized surgeon with an inspiring backstory. Born in the 1940’s as the nation of Israel was being formed, Saad Saad and his family were moved to the West Bank without warning when he was young. His father was working when the rest of the family was moved, and had to buy a river crossing from a boat captain to reunite with his wife and children.


Saad Saad’s father was a highly skilled oil well technician, a fortuitous profession as it was around this time that much of the oil in the Middle East was beginning to be pulled from the ground for sale on foreign markets. With his skills and experience in demand, Saad Saad’s father was able to move his family to Kuwait in the 1950’s.


His father was adamant that his son seek an advanced education, and Saad Saad listened. He and his father both knew that as a refugee with no passport, Saad Saad would have an uphill battle no matter what path he took.


In the heat of a Kuwaiti summer day, Saad Saad suffered a case of heatstroke at a construction site. He realized he would not be following in his father’s footsteps, working outdoors in the booming oil industry. He decided that instead, he would become a doctor, largely on the knowledge that surgical rooms were the only places in Kuwait that were constantly air-conditioned.


Even if his reasons for entering the surgical world were self-motivated, Dr. Saad Saad still had a passion and skill for his chosen line of work. He was accredited as a pediatric surgeon in the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia.


He held a prestigious position in Saudi Arabia, that of official pediatric surgeon for the royal family. While holding this position during the 1980’s, he also spent much of his time performing operations for poor and refugee children who lacked access to medical care. His time spent donating his skills to these children was a seminal part of his life.


After this position expired, Saad Saad returned to the United States and patented a few surgical implements and procedures he had developed. Dr. Saad Saad was always looking for ways to make the surgical process easier for the doctor and patient alike, and he conceived of two different processes or devices that made certain surgical procedures much more efficient. Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2