Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder has been in the networking, marketing, and business development game since 1993. He’s been a top leader for Fortune 500 companies like Oracle and Hewlett-Packard. However, when Chris set out to help others with their careers, he discovered that he was truly passionate about helping others be successful. This led Chris to co-find his virtual academy: IM Mastery Academy.

Christopher Terry is the CEO of IM Mastery Academy, a free professional development training organization dedicated to helping people become successful online marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and public speakers by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

The IM Mastery Academy offers a “pathway” for people who want to be successful by doing what they love. The service helps people find the right career, market themselves effectively and develop the skills to maintain their success in whatever field they choose. They also provide tools and resources for people to achieve tangible results in their chosen field.

Training is held in the IM Mastery Academy’s virtual academy. This allows Chris to work with people worldwide interested in achieving success in their careers. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO wants to give people the tools they need to succeed without limiting their opportunities based on their lives or other circumstances outside their control.

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder started IM Mastery Academy after realizing that most education came from books and videos provided by one person. Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO wanted to see how people could get the training they needed from various resources.

The IM Mastery Academy offers several different training options for people. They offer Basic, Advanced, and Master Class training. These different types of training are offered via various formats, including webinars, audio, and video courses, full-day workshops, and educational events in various locations worldwide.

His legacy continues with support for his family and friends through a company he has set up to honor his dad’s memory. The Terry Family Foundation raises money to provide scholarships, educational assistance, and other financial support to children and their families in need. Click this page for more information.


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