Tom Keane is in charge of a technical team that works all over the world to make Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform available to all countries, industries, and customers. He is the vice president of the company Azure Global.


Keane’s Overview


His division is in charge of building and delivering future Azure data center regions as well as Microsoft’s hub, hero, service ring, and availability zone architecture, which is made up of more than 1GW of capacity spread across 200 data centers in 54 regions and 19 countries. Tom Keane leads all their teams.


Tom Keane is in charge of the company’s Cyber Sovereignty engineering, which includes privacy, compliance, data residency, and security, so that Azure can be the market leader in this important area. He talks to foreign governments and regulators all the time.


Bringing innovations


Microsoft has been working with experts in the space industry to grow its Azure Space ecosystem and help clients and partners do more. Microsoft is getting closer to its goal of making Azure Space the platform and ecosystem of choice for the space community by signing a new deal with Airbus and making their premium satellite imagery and elevation data widely available in Azure Maps. Tom Keane supervises all. Having the ability to use and exploit data from space could change whole industries and create new ways of thinking. 


Clients can get benefits from Azure Space through partnerships, space data, collaboration technologies, and Microsoft services and features. Today, we’re happy to announce the global launch of Azure Government Top Secret. This is a big step toward our goal of giving government clients the best commercial innovations in all types of data. 


Top Secret

Tom Keane states that in addition to showing how committed Microsoft is to the national security mission, this announcement, along with the new services and features in Azure Government Secret, makes it possible for customers and partners to realize the vision of a multi-cloud strategy. In addition to getting more flexibility, interoperability, cost savings, and speed of innovation. Today, we are announcing the expansion of Azure Government Secret, the addition of new features to our mission-critical cloud for the US government, and the launch of Azure Government Top Secret, a new cloud built for users of top-secret classified data.