Since the middle of the decade, a new conception of what it means to be human has arisen. With more and more people becoming involved in an ever-growing technological world, it is no surprise that many have begun to think about their own mortality. However, some people have gone so far as to completely disconnect themselves from reality and have ascended into something much greater than just a mortal being. It is here that the concept of alternate realities first began to take form.

Alternate-reality games, or ARGs, are a very recent phenomenon in the gaming world. As such, most of the major titles in this genre are still in development. The biggest of these developments is “The Matrix”, a game where players can actually change their reality and affect the real world with their actions within it. ARGs are created by developers for players and have been said to have ruined the “real world”. The first ARG to hit the market was “Asteroids Reborn”, created by the video game company I-5. In this game, players were able to fight a never ending battle against an endless swarm of asteroids in order to gain experience and ultimately save their planet from destruction. Not only did this game prove very popular at conventions, but it also proved very profitable for the company that created it. This trend continued for a few years until game designers realized the potential for ARGs to be a serious force in the gaming world.

As such, many people began to search for some sort of meaning in their lives. This phenomenon was only amplified by the fact that people had begun to create new technology that allowed them to find exactly what they had been looking for. The first of this technology was the Virtual Reality Box, or VRB. Learn more about Kisling, Nestico & Redick