See What Clay Siegall Has Helped Seattle Genetics to Achieve

Any biotechnology research expert is marketable in any country they go. The United States is among the countries leading in biotechnology research programs. The country has some of the best biotechnology research companies like Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall happens to be the CEO of this great biotechnology company. Clay discovered that something needed to be done to improve the pharmaceuticals industry. That’s why he founded Seattle Genetics. Biogenetics technologies have been enhanced so far, and Seattle Genetics has been on the forefront in doing this. Clay says the company is committed to producing unique and effective medications to help cancer patients get along with their lives.

Cancer is among the deadliest diseases people suffer from today. Although the disease may not have a complete cure, Clay says the motility rate of the cancer patients can be improved. To make this happen, he has done a lot to help the company produce effective drugs such as ADCs. Most of the patients who take these drugs have improved their motility rate in a great way. Seattle Genetics could not have evolved without the input and skills of Clay Siegall. He has helped the company to improve the lives of many cancer patients for about 15 years, and he helped it acquire its first IPO.

Various public and private funding programs have been set to raise the amount of money the biotechnology research center needs to meet its objectives. Clay was working with a government body known as National Cancer Institute where he did his first biotechnology research. He later joined the Bristol Pharmaceuticals Research Institute and worked there from 1991 to 1997. Other organizations such as Ultragenynx Pharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, The Biomedical Association, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals appointed Clay Siegall to serve as one of their board of directors.

Clay was in Maryland University where he studied Zoology at the bachelor’s degree level. He later studied Genetics up to the Ph.D. level from George Washington University. The pharmaceuticals sector has benefited a lot from Clay’s endeavors at Seattle Genetics. He has created several medications, and he has about 15 patents for them already. Most professionals and students are happy to use more than 70 scientific books Clay Siegall has published.

Things You Need to Know about OSI Group

OSI Group is a privately owned meat processing company that has established many of its affiliates in the broader parts of the globe. The firm was launched in 1902 by the Otto $Sons, and it started from humble backgrounds as a small butchery. The growth of the firm has been associated with the commitment of its executives and team of employees. OSI Group has currently established a vast number of its affiliates in over 17 countries, and it has brought its high-quality services closer to its clients across the entire globe. OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and besides paying a major focus on customer satisfaction, the firm also strives to offer clean food to them.

The firm started its expansion processes in the early 1970`s. In 1990, OSI Group partnered with the General Milling Corporation to establish one of its branches in the Philippines, the GenOSI firm. Besides focusing on beef production, the firm has also adopted diversity in its productions. It has striven, and as a result, it launched the production of both poultry and pork. The growth of the firm has been assigned to the high-end customer services it offers. A vast number of individuals have accredited its team of an employee for their impeccable services and dedication towards their work. Besides, the firm’s executives strive to offer fast and practical solutions to their clients through accessing and critically evaluating their feedback.

Additionally, OSI has also acquired a vast number of known brands both in the United States and the broader parts of the globe. The Tyson Plant is among the recent ones that the firm acquired at $7.4 million. It is based in Chicago, and there has been a positive response from the consumers in the area concerning the firm’s products and services. Besides, OSI Group has also tried to take into heed the health and safety of their clients. It has received a series of awards for its notable contribution to the economy of various countries in the globe ad it is also listed as the 136th largest companies in the globe.

Johanan Rand: A Better Solution For A Healthier Life

Johanan Rand, M.D., is the man of the hour, and he’s the founder for one of the nation’s top heath and wellness centers. The Healthy Aging Medical Centers was founded by Rand, and he has used this fine facility to treat thousands of medical patients that suffer from a myriad of issues. Peer-review medicine is being used at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Rand is very sensitive to this subject because he is dedicated in finding practical solutions to fight:


  • Libido Issues
  • Depression
  • Weight Gain/Weight Loss
  • Mood Disorders
  • Menopause
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • And more


Johanan Rand is a man of numerous talents. He is referred to as being a medical doctor, a medical director, an author and a role model. He provides a more sensitive approach to reach his medical goals. Having the ability to better manage these medical issues is the end goal. Rand has helped to revolutionize the game from his extensive research and from his ongoing studies. He’s also an “old guard” of the medical community even though he trained at New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center.


Erectile dysfunction is high on the priority list for Johanan Rand. Unlike other medical treatments such as pills, potions and powders, Rand incorporates pure physical activity to combat this frustrating issue. By performing some form of physical activity, you’ll be able to pump more oxygen into your system. A man’s vascular system plays a key role in his ability to get an erection. The more blood that’s pumped through your body, the better chances of getting an erection. Increasing the blood flow has been shown to work wonders and there are many studies that can attest to this notion.


Of course, this short article can’t do Johanan Rand any real justice. This phenomenal man is changing lives for the better, and he changing the status quo.


Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies

Perry Mandera is the president and owner of The Custom Companies. The company is a transportation and logistics service provider. It is located in North lake, Illinois. They use different types of technologies to better serve their clients. One of these technologies is called Cheetah Dispatch. It is a software program. It helps with scheduling pick up times and provides proof of delivery documents. Each driver is provided with a tablet that is satellite tracked. It helps the company to keep track of the deliveries as they occur in current time. This software also helps the company and it’s customers to cut down on paper work.

The company also uses a Warehouse Management System. This allows customers to keep track of their inventory. Customers can track when The Custom Companies have received their products and keep up to date as to when those products will be delivered to them. Perry Mandera and his company also use a Dock Management System. The system is paperless and uses unique bar codes for each shipment. All of these things put together helps The Custom Companies to keep their freight moving more efficiently than others.

Perry Mandera has worked in the logistics and transportation field since 1976. His professional experience began in the Marines. While in service there he was in charge of transporting supplies and troops to their destinations. He had a positive experience and used it to get into the transportation field. In 1984 he ran for office. He was elected as a Republican Ward Committee Man for the city of Chicago in the 26th Ward. He served a four year term. He is still dedicated to public service. Perry Mandera contributes time and resources to those in the community who are less fortunate than him.

In the year 2000 the Illinois Transportation Association identified him as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” He has always kept up on new technologies that are now available to enable him to exceed in the transportation business world. He is truly a great man as far as business goes but also as a charitable person.


Jorge Mall On His Business And Thinking Outside The Box

Jorge Mall is the Founder President-Director of D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. That is where he also attended college at the Federal University and also did his medical residency there. Continuing on Jorge attended São Paulo University where he earned his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology in 2004. Mr. Mall’s research and study covers antisocial behavior, social psychology, neural bases of behavior and moral cognition, neuroscience, and moral emotions.


At his institute Jorge Mall is able to deliver education, research, and healthcare in Brazil that goes above and beyond and is world class. When Jorge goes to work each day he makes it an important part to exchange ideas and meets with entrepreneurs, researchers, students, scientists, and associates to discuss these ideas and bring them to life. They are brought to life by choosing the best ones, and there are plenty to pick from. Some trends that Jorge Mall finds exciting is the world of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence, particularly how they are combined and function as one unit.


To be a productive entrepreneur Jorge uses his skills, is open and transparent about business. This makes for a good business when people can trust you and what your mission is. He also believes innovation is very important to be successful. Doing the same thing over again will not get the results you want over time and the market is usually over saturated. The other part to this is to use your ideas or let them go. Don’t hold on to them forever because that inaction will never produce results. On a personal note the best $100 he spent recently was on his children and their interests. This includes toys, movies, and even legos. For him personally buying a new domain name so he start up another website. Perhaps a non-governmental organization. When it comes to software and web service he uses and likes there are two. They are Trello and Evernote. Jorge Mall is always thinking outside the box to find solutions to help the greater good. He recommends others do the same and see what kind of impact on the world they have.



The transportation field has transformed incredibly as technological innovation goes to overall utilization. Despite the fact that these technological alternatives have influenced each organization working in transportation, the most significant transformations are seen clearly among the pioneers in the industry. These leading transportation organizations utilize mechanical progression to enable them to serve an extensive variety of client’s needs adequately. An excellent case of this pattern is Custom Companies. It is an organization with full transportation services, with a steady history of utilizing front line innovative technology to amplify shipping efficiency and time. Those who are inspired by the universe of transportation or have their own needs in transportation should observe Custom Companies since it demonstrates a number of captivating changes in the industry.


Custom Companies is famously known for using the most recent technological innovations since 1986 the year Perry Mandera founded it. The organization had only two trucks at the time it began, and surprisingly it managed to keep up with the most recent alternatives in technology. Through using most recent technology, the organization has been able to make huge steps towards achieving its objective of giving a broad base of solutions in transportation under the same roof. This forward-thinking and service made the organization to be known across the transportation world. It is currently perceived as the head choice in the business, with a vast fleet of more than 2,000 equipment pieces.


The essential piece of technological innovation used by Custom Companies is a far-reaching network system which connects all the warehouses owned by the organization. These stockrooms are mainly used to distribute different items as well as storing goods. The client’s needs are adequately met since the company can dispatch a large number of products rapidly with minimal notice. The ability to quickly ship goods assists to diminish spoilage of products with a limited lifeline, i.e., perishable. To achieve these solutions involving shipping and storage of items, the organization depends on a widely inclusive administration framework of the warehouse, which gives clients Complete Inventory Visibility through all phases of the transportation procedure. The visibility starts at the point when a bundle is received in the warehouse and proceeds up to the point it is delivered to the recipient.


Stansberry Research Warns About The Recession

Look out over the history of our country and you’ll see a boom and bust economic cycle. America simply rides prosperity for an indeterminate period of time before dipping down into recession. Seeing these economic wave patterns have made some people very wealthy. After all, you can invest in an economic downturn to turn a profit.


Stansberry Research warns that the next recession could be much closer than you think. This company analyzes the market and shares their findings with you in entertaining articles and blogs. It’s a great, easy and quick way to get advice about the stock market and money management.


What’s great about Stansberry Research is that they share their experience with you. They make their own investments while giving you the results. You can learn from their successes. And, most importantly, you can learn from their mistakes. After all, a large company has the resources to take risks and endure massive failures. You’re going to want to stay away from those massive mistakes as an individual.


That’s why I trust these guys when they say that The Fed is in trouble. They point to the fact that the federal government is now raising interest rates and repealing the stimulus programs that have been in place since the 2008 financial collapse. The current funds rate now hovers at 2% as opposed to 0% a few short years ago. Quantitative tightening is now replacing quantitative easing.


Stansberry Research warns that the stimulus energy that has pushed asset prices to astronomical highs is now evening out. And, depending on how the federal government response, this could start inflation. In fact, it could turn into an all-out inflationary spiral.


Unfortunately, we all know that the next recession is inevitable. There is some invisible clock counting down the hours until the economy collapses once again. That’s why we all have to watch The Fed closely as they roll out measures to tighten which would prevent it from easing once the recession hits.


In the end, the federal government is stuck between a rock and a hard place where removing the stimulus could accelerate us to the next recession.


IC Systems Has Maintained Its Long Held Core Beliefs That Stretch Back 80 Years:

Today’s world is rapidly becoming more interconnected but surprisingly, personal connection between different businesses is actually becoming more difficult to locate. It is easy to find out a wealth of information about a business by doing an online search but at the same time, a person may never physically meet the people that are actually behind that business. This is not true for all companies out there though and some are holding to the old-fashioned notion that there is another way. IC Systems is a company that ascribes to this philosophy and maintains a family values oriented approach to its business.


IC Systems was founded eighty years ago. Its founders were the Erickson’s, Ruth and Jack. The company is based in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and continues after all these years to operate of a family oriented ideology. All people that IC Systems deals with are treated in an honest and ethical manner. This is so that the company can help its clients as well as consumers to achieve financial solutions. IC Systems is currently run by a third generation of the Erickson family and the influence that its founder Ruth Erickson had is still strong within the company. The company prides itself on its diverse workforce and maintains open hiring practices. IC Systems believes in the power of family and personal connection and this is largely responsible for the company’s massive success in its eighty years in existence.


About IC Systems:

IC Systems is a company that specializes in assisting businesses in the area of accounts payable. Today the company is recognized as an industry leader in assisting businesses in their accounts payable needs. The company relies on its family-oriented core values to guide all of the decisions that are made in regard to providing the best possible service to its customers.

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80 Year Old Company, IC System, Renews Certification as Women-Owned Business


TeenSafe Warns Of The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

So often, people do not realize the effects that their actions can have upon themselves and others. One example of this is the tragic modern phenomenon of texting and driving. You might think that it is a little dramatic to refer to this kind of thing as a tragedy. However, under many circumstances it is in fact a tragedy of terrible proportions.


TeenSafe is a group that seeks to educate both young people and their parents about the pitfalls and dangers of the digital world. They say that parents especially need better tools and resources in order to keep up with the ever changing face of social technology. They have been recognized in a number of different ways for their work, but let’s focus on the message for now. TeenSafe has published some real life examples of texting and driving tragedies, so let’s take a quick look.


First, we have the story of a seventeen year old girl from Alabama that died after plowing into the back of a truck. Her mother says that she left work at 9 PM and took the interstate to get home. Her mother apparently had an app that allowed her to track the movement of her daughter’s car in real time and she began to get very worried upon seeing that the car was no longer moving. It wasn’t until much later that she learned the terrible truth regarding what happened and why it happened. Her mother has since dedicated her life to educating teens and parents about the dangers of texting and driving.


Our second case comes from Minnesota in 2016. In this case, a seventeen year old girl was texting and driving when she ran a red light and caused a crash that resulted in the deaths of a man and his young daughter. This case represents the other side of the risk. In our first example, texting and driving got the driver killed. In this case, texting and driving caused the driver to kill two other peopler. Some would argue that this is far worse. Two lives taken and a third one ruined. If that isn’t a tragedy then I don’t know what it.


Sujit Choudhry Pens a Letter to Both the Catalan and Spanish Governments

There is currently a crisis within Catalonia that has caught the attention of several prominent constitutional law experts. The experts decided to pen a letter to both the Catalan and Spanish government to open dialogue between both parties. One such individual involved in penning the letter was constitutional law scholar Sujit Choudhry. If all things go as planned both sides will have a productive discussion that leads to reform in their constitutional issues.

The letter specifically addresses Catalonian President Puigdemont and his intentions to fully commit to the task of seceding from Spain, view ( Some of the president’s actions have been questionable as it pertains to this task and the scholars just want to make sure he stays true to his word. they think the best way he can reassure people that he will do what he says is by arranging a referendum that confirms the desires of the Catalan people. The letter also asks that Spanish Prime Minister to respect the wishes of the Catalan people to secede from Spain, know more on

This dispute has been going on for a while now and the scholars including Sujit Choudhry believe it is in the best interest of both sides to work out a peaceful agreement. This dispute coming to an end would also be favorable for those on the outside looking in. Things came to a troublesome head between the two on October 1st when the Spanish government resorted to brutality to derail Catalan from holding a referendum on its independence, source ( This only further complicated the situation and now the tension is at an all-time high.

Sujit Choudhry has built a strong reputation in the world of politics and comparative constitutional law and is known throughout the world. Sujit Choudhry has served as an advisor to several foreign dignitaries who were in the midst of building constitutions, click