IC Systems Has Maintained Its Long Held Core Beliefs That Stretch Back 80 Years:

Today’s world is rapidly becoming more interconnected but surprisingly, personal connection between different businesses is actually becoming more difficult to locate. It is easy to find out a wealth of information about a business by doing an online search but at the same time, a person may never physically meet the people that are actually behind that business. This is not true for all companies out there though and some are holding to the old-fashioned notion that there is another way. IC Systems is a company that ascribes to this philosophy and maintains a family values oriented approach to its business.


IC Systems was founded eighty years ago. Its founders were the Erickson’s, Ruth and Jack. The company is based in the St. Paul, Minnesota area and continues after all these years to operate of a family oriented ideology. All people that IC Systems deals with are treated in an honest and ethical manner. This is so that the company can help its clients as well as consumers to achieve financial solutions. IC Systems is currently run by a third generation of the Erickson family and the influence that its founder Ruth Erickson had is still strong within the company. The company prides itself on its diverse workforce and maintains open hiring practices. IC Systems believes in the power of family and personal connection and this is largely responsible for the company’s massive success in its eighty years in existence.


About IC Systems:

IC Systems is a company that specializes in assisting businesses in the area of accounts payable. Today the company is recognized as an industry leader in assisting businesses in their accounts payable needs. The company relies on its family-oriented core values to guide all of the decisions that are made in regard to providing the best possible service to its customers.

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80 Year Old Company, IC System, Renews Certification as Women-Owned Business


TeenSafe Warns Of The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

So often, people do not realize the effects that their actions can have upon themselves and others. One example of this is the tragic modern phenomenon of texting and driving. You might think that it is a little dramatic to refer to this kind of thing as a tragedy. However, under many circumstances it is in fact a tragedy of terrible proportions.


TeenSafe is a group that seeks to educate both young people and their parents about the pitfalls and dangers of the digital world. They say that parents especially need better tools and resources in order to keep up with the ever changing face of social technology. They have been recognized in a number of different ways for their work, but let’s focus on the message for now. TeenSafe has published some real life examples of texting and driving tragedies, so let’s take a quick look.


First, we have the story of a seventeen year old girl from Alabama that died after plowing into the back of a truck. Her mother says that she left work at 9 PM and took the interstate to get home. Her mother apparently had an app that allowed her to track the movement of her daughter’s car in real time and she began to get very worried upon seeing that the car was no longer moving. It wasn’t until much later that she learned the terrible truth regarding what happened and why it happened. Her mother has since dedicated her life to educating teens and parents about the dangers of texting and driving.


Our second case comes from Minnesota in 2016. In this case, a seventeen year old girl was texting and driving when she ran a red light and caused a crash that resulted in the deaths of a man and his young daughter. This case represents the other side of the risk. In our first example, texting and driving got the driver killed. In this case, texting and driving caused the driver to kill two other peopler. Some would argue that this is far worse. Two lives taken and a third one ruined. If that isn’t a tragedy then I don’t know what it.


Sujit Choudhry Pens a Letter to Both the Catalan and Spanish Governments

There is currently a crisis within Catalonia that has caught the attention of several prominent constitutional law experts. The experts decided to pen a letter to both the Catalan and Spanish government to open dialogue between both parties. One such individual involved in penning the letter was constitutional law scholar Sujit Choudhry. If all things go as planned both sides will have a productive discussion that leads to reform in their constitutional issues.

The letter specifically addresses Catalonian President Puigdemont and his intentions to fully commit to the task of seceding from Spain, view (Youtube.com). Some of the president’s actions have been questionable as it pertains to this task and the scholars just want to make sure he stays true to his word. they think the best way he can reassure people that he will do what he says is by arranging a referendum that confirms the desires of the Catalan people. The letter also asks that Spanish Prime Minister to respect the wishes of the Catalan people to secede from Spain, know more on instagram.com.

This dispute has been going on for a while now and the scholars including Sujit Choudhry believe it is in the best interest of both sides to work out a peaceful agreement. This dispute coming to an end would also be favorable for those on the outside looking in. Things came to a troublesome head between the two on October 1st when the Spanish government resorted to brutality to derail Catalan from holding a referendum on its independence, source (Twitter.com). This only further complicated the situation and now the tension is at an all-time high.

Sujit Choudhry has built a strong reputation in the world of politics and comparative constitutional law and is known throughout the world. Sujit Choudhry has served as an advisor to several foreign dignitaries who were in the midst of building constitutions, click https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sujit-choudhry#/entity.

Jeff Aronin Creating Investments Opportunities through Paragon Biosciences Inc.

Jeff Aronin is a passionate, driven and inspiring personality. Those are some of the words that his colleagues and confidants use to describe him. Besides his positive personal attributes, Aronin is the Chair and CEO of Paragon Bioscience, a company that focusses on helping biotechnological companies grow through financial and human resource assistance.


Jeff Aronin highly regards his patients and takes them to be more than patients. He takes them to be mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and children. This compassionate characteristic elicited positive opinions from his co-workers who say he is approachable. He keeps a company of great professionals and limits himself to his job description when collaborating with others.


Career Awards


Jeff Aronin’s contribution to the pharmaceutical industry has transformed many lives and attracted many other professional researchers to his company. “Problems that are deemed unsolvable are the ones worth solving.” That’s one quote that defines Jeff’s commitment to his professional duties. Jeff and the entire Paragon fraternity live by these words, attempting to solve healthcare needs that many stakeholders fail or avoid to address.


By developing new medical solutions for unmet needs, Aronin and his company are adhering to the Weizmann Institute, a globally renowned leader in advancing medical science.


There’s more! In 2015, he became the recipient of the Frederic A. Gibbs Award. Additionally, he won the Deal of the Year honors from Buyouts in 2010. In the same year, he also won the Humanitarian Award, delivered by the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. He also has a Rovner Award from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago under his name plus an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist from the Ernst and Young in 2006.


Paragon Helping other Healthcare Companies Grow


Jeff is also an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs and part of his leadership is portrayed by his founding of the MATTER, a biotech incubation company based in Chicago. In fact, over 200 healthcare companies are at various development stages.


From clinical and regulatory strategies, Paragon also provides helpful counsel to the fledging companies to empower the teams in developing viable plans and undertake on them. A reason why many aspiring entrepreneurs are lured to Paragon is that it plays host to other successful; entrepreneurs who’ve successfully build their biotech companies.


How Bernardo Chua’s Career Took Him From The Philippines To Canada

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur who was born and raised in the Philippines. He has spent the bulk of his professional life working in the multi-level marketing industry. He started out in this industry in Gano Excel, a beverage company headquartered in the Philippines. After three years working as an executive of this company, helping it greatly expand its footprint, he volunteered to move to California so that he could oversee this company’s entry into the North American Market.

Once he was in California he became the president of Gano Excel USA. His company sold instant coffees, teas, capsules, and similar products. He led this company for four years before deciding to make his exit and start his own business. He moved near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and along with a business partner he co-founded Organo Gold. This new company sells teas, coffees, hot chocolate, nutrition shakes, toothpaste, and a beauty soap. Visit Slideshare to learn more about Chua.

He attended the University of Santo Tomas which is in the Philippines. After earning his bachelor’s degree he started working as a purchasing agent in the business his extended family owns. He says it was rough working with his older brothers and sisters so he quickly started looking for opportunities of employment elsewhere and decided upon entering the direct-marketing industry.

How Bernardo Chua differentiates his company from other premium manufacturers of beverages is that his products contain a Chinese herb called Ganoderma lucidum. This is known as “King of the Herbs” and helps people in a number of ways. It gives people a natural vitality and is part of Organo Gold’s weight loss and maintenance kits. He says that they source this from organic Reishi which is grown in China’s Fuzhou region, on logs way up in the peaks of the Wuyi Mountains.

As a philanthropist, Bernardo Chua started the OG Cares Foundation. This organization provides low-income children with the resources and tools they need to find success in life. They have helped children around the world including in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, and China. They have a program to feed children in Nigeria and in India they operate a facility called OG Cares Children’s Center.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Redefines Banking Excellence

     A successful career in banking just like in any other field requires persistence, commitment, and hard work. The unique circumstances through which Luiz Carlos Trabuco made a mark in the Brazilian banking industry will forever be on people’s minds. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the President of Bradesco bank, one of the biggest banks in Brazil. From a simple clerk of the bank, he not only rose to the leadership position, but also grew the profits of the bank and revolutionized the Brazilian banking industry.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been promoted several times. Beginning with heading the department of insurance to becoming the bank’s Managing Director, COO, CEO, Vice President, and currently the President. He achieved all this within four decades. Being a visionary man, Trabuco always wanted to ensure that the bank became the leader in the industry and worked for 40 years to realize this vision.

Bradesco was not maximizing its true potential and Trabuco realized this even before he occupied any position of power. Before he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the bank, it was experiencing market dominance issues. It was displaced from its spot in the market by its rival, Itau Unibanco. Trabuco stepped in and facilitated the acquisition of the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2billion. This strategy expanded the bank’s market share and secured its market dominance.

Apart from growing the bank’s profits, Luiz Carlos Trabuco changed the way the bank related to its clients by boosting asset distribution and strategizing for a higher equity turnover. His influence does not just end with him being a household name. The Brazilian Government respects him to the extent that they entrust key projects to him. They trust that he will ensure that the projects yield considerable profits. In addition to that, he is sought after by most organizations because of his experience and expertise.

The employees of Bradesco bank look up to their President with so much admiration. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the kind of leader who gets in early for work and leaves like everyone else. The exceptional manner in which he engages with clients speaks volumes about his banking skills. He was the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 and continues to exude excellence in all his banking engagements.

DAMAC Group And Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was the co-founder and chair of DAMAC properties since 2002 when the company was founded. Initially, he started a business in catering services in the USA military and the construction of giant Bechtel. By 2001, the Dubai government allowed foreigners to invest, Hussain changed to real estate and sold a residential building.

Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington after which he started his career as a contract manager in GASCO. Sajwani has extensive experience in sales and marketing and finance. Moreover, he has outstanding leadership and entrepreneurship skills that had brought about his prosperity in the business world. He started his catering business in 1982 and the 1990s; he constructed many hotels in Dubai to accommodate the people who were coming to Dubai to do business. Later in 2002, he identified a new market opportunity and initiated. DAMAC properties, today has developed to be the greatest company In the United Arab Emirates.

DAMAC Properties is a company that deals with real estate property that provides premium living structures to its clients. The company has been well established in the major global cities, for instance, Abu Dhabi, London, Doha Amman among many other cities. The DAMAC group is anchored on three principles that are they do not hold debts for the land they purchase. They pay in full amount after striking a deal with owners, second, their accounts are independent in that they don’t transfer cash across their accounts. Thirdly, they preserve the cash reserves either in fixed deposits or government bonds. As such, if the markets overturn they will still support their constructions. Hussain Sajwani has developed an amicable business relationship with the USA president Trump in real estate investment, The Trump Organization. Trump and Sajwani enjoyed the New Year together and had amalgamated the Trump International Golf Club, where lavish Villas where profits have been estimated to be nearly $2billion. Hussain Sajwani in his NBC interview revealed that their relationship goes beyond them and extends to Daughter Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr. again, he explicitly said that since the children are involved, they will continue with the business ties.

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Bruno Fagali: Transforming the Brazilian Legal System

     Most school-going children aspire to be lawyers; nonetheless very few understand what the profession entails. The legal profession is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. Apparently, most renowned lawyers live large. However, there is a lot of hardwork and sacrifice behind the pomp and color. In addition, there are very few accomplished lawyers that inspire confidence among young people that want to take up the legal profession. All that said and done, Fagali is one of the few that inspire the young as far as the law profession is concerned.

Fagali has been practicing law since 2006, and his record is quite impressive. Just like any other legal industries around the world, the Brazilian legal industry is very competitive. In such a case, only a few people make it to the top. Bruno is one of the few Brazilian attorneys that have made a positive impact to the Brazilian legal system considering his immense contributions to the legal industry. He has built him am impressive career resume as a result of his professionalism and ability to practice in different law disciplines with distinction.

In addition, Bruno is a trusted professional that is committed to fulfilling his legal responsibilities. Those that have followed is career agree that he has made a lot of sacrifices on his way to achieving his current success. In fact, many of Bruno’s peers and seniors cannot match his impressive work ethic.

Bruno’s commitment to excellence has made him get high profile clients that have taken his career to the next level. Things can only get better for Fagali considering the amount of hardwork he continues to put in all his professional commitments. In fact, his fellow lawyers have a lot of respect for him as a result of what he has achieved in his brief but illustrious legal career.

Since he began practicing, Bruno has managed to build important business connections and relationships that have been critical to his success as a legal expert. Moreover, his colleagues and clients have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of his valued efforts and in-depth knowledge on legal matters. Bruno Fagali runs a private legal firm that handles a wide range of cases and legal issues related to; Ethics, Regulatory Law, Urban Law, Administrative Law, and Compliance.


Heather Russell & TransUnion Equals Success

TransUnion, one of the leading credit reporting agencies today, has just announced that it has found the company’s new chief legal officer. TransUnion’s John Blenke has held the position for quite some time, but he has given up the position because of his impending retirement. This departure opens the door for a new finance professional. As of May 1, 2018, TransUnion has offered the position to Heather Russell. This woman has a brilliant resume to start with, and she just so happens to be one of the top legal executives in the nation.

“I’m excited to bring my financial services to TransUnion.” said Russell to Globe News Wire. While operating as the company’s chief legal officer, Russell will be handling a wide array of tasks, including corporate governance and consumer privacy functions. Thanks to her educational background, she will also be responsible for handling all of the agency’s legal issues. “I am looking forward to working with this team,” said Russell. Prior to receiving the TransUnion position, Russell worked Buckley Sandler LLP. Thanks to possessing a J.D., she was able to provide this law firm with excellent financial services. Her particular degree was attained at American University’s Washington College of Law. To add a bit of insult to injury, Russell also graduated with honors as per Crunchbase. TransUnion couldn’t have selected a better candidate for the job. While working for Buckley Sandler, Russell provided top-notch leadership services that spanned across supervision, regulation and fintech practices. It was mentioned that she was also a Math Professor.

“I’m very confident that Russell will be a great addition to our team because she brings plenty of expertise and skill,” said Jim Peck, president of TransUnion. It seems like the only direction that this agency will headed toward is the top. All of the pieces are now in place for TransUnion as this agency is looking to increase its growth by progressing its financial services. More about Russell’s career history on LinkedIn.

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Ryan Seacrest: LIFE AND CAREER

Ryan Seacrest is New York-based show and radio host. He most notably hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan, an ABC talk show with Kelly Ripa and is also the host of American Idol. He is also a producer and has produced TV series such as “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” He also hosts a radio show, On air with Ryan Seacrest in LA-based KIIS-FM. Besides that, he also owns a line of skin care products and clothing. The skin care product and clothing line is a partnership between him and Dr. Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and is called the Ryan Seacrest Distinction. He also founded the Ryan Seacrest foundation that targets youth empowerment through entertainment and is a non-profit organization.

Ryan Seacrest keeps a steady daily schedule that he follows each day following his recent move from Los Angeles to New York. Ryan Seacrest’s morning usually involves waking up at 6 in then grooming and checking weather forecast updates given that he is still new to the city. A pair of sweatpants, zip-up hoodie, T-shirt and Uggs describe his morning customary wear before he takes a matcha tea that he says sets tone for his body before he sets out for morning exercise.

Ryan Seacrest’s exercise includes working out, boxing, peloton bikes and prefers actual running to the treadmill. He maintains this exercising routine everywhere he goes and employs a personal trainer for that.

He catches the latest news on his way to work and only allows outside distraction such as interviews and phone calls after the first half of the day, something he says he taught himself and required great discipline.

On his day to day life, he claims that saying Yes to people brings out the best version of him because it is what people want to hear. He also tries to stay away from his phone as he considers it a distraction and keeps it locked most of the time. He is mostly vegan and enjoys the occasional wine bottle.

Concerning his TV personality, Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) quotes Dick Clark as his influence saying that he encouraged him to try to make it look convincingly natural to the audience.

Learn how you can contribute to Ryan’s foundation by contacting him below: