Peter Briger Businessman and Philanthropist

Offices at Fortress Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2002 and is the present President of Fortress Credit Corporation. He serves the Credit and Real Estate Sector at Fortress; since 2009, he has been the Co-Chairman of the Board. Early Education Peter Briger received his M.B.A. from Wharton Business School. Peter Briger also attended Princeton University, […]

CARROLL’s Partnership with LCOR Triggers Massive Portfolio Expansion and Diversification

The two companies, LCOR and CARROLL are highly revered real estate ventures. They have made it because of refined skills in recapitalization, acquisitions, as well as, development. The partnership allows uniting the knowledge and skills to boost everything from buying potency to better negotiations. Michael Patrick Carroll chairs CARROLL and is also the CEO of […]

 Kevin Seawright Reminds First Time Buyers To Relax

The decision to buy a home can be quite stressful. This is a major undertaking with many serious issues. People need to get a lot of things done to buy their first homes. They need to have all the details in place before they can do anything else. They’ll also need to work closely with […]

 Kevin Seawright Helps With The Path To Homeownership

Many Americans will choose to buy a home at some point in time. They will come to the realization that a home is right solution for their needs. This can be a wonderful solution to many of their needs. For example, those who own their own home have access to a wide variety of tax […]

Eterneva’s Sentimental Diamonds For Grieving Loved Ones

Eterneva is a startup that turns cremated ashes of loved ones and pets into diamonds by exposing them to extreme heat and pressure in the laboratories. These are the so-called laboratory-grown diamonds but with a more sentimental attachment to them. Archer’s inspiration came from a period where she lost a close friend and decided to […]

Sudhir Choudhrie’s Second Chance of Significance

At eight years, a doctor discovered that Sudhir Choudhrie had a problem with a leaking valve. The leaking valve could, therefore, contribute to his heart missing or skipping some beats. His diagnosed heart problem was the gate-pass to a series of unwanted infections and health complications. However, the leaky valve didn’t stop Sudhir Choudhrie from […]

Roland Dickey – The Man Behind Dickey’s Barbecue Pits

Roland Dickey Jr is an award winning CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group out of Dallas, Texa. He has worked for the family business for close to 10 year, and has focused his efforts on growth and innovation in the fast casual industry. When he took over the family business it was a small local barbecue […]

Evaluate your media!

Falling into routines as we “scroll” our social media platform of preference, it is all to easy to fall into familiarity. Ecochambers naturally form around our media intake styles as we seek information aligned with our ideas. there are ways to remain unbiased, however.